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Revisiting Marija Gimbutas

Being sick last week had the silver lining of getting to spend a fair bit of time with both Marija Gimbutas’s The Living Goddess and… 1,177 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

The Savage Mind

Bergson dis­cerned the importance of the part which, in view of its logical struc­ture, the notion of species was to play in the critique of totemism.

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Interesting to see the film Jackie yesterday. Jackie being what one might call an ‘empty signifier’ not because she was an ‘empty person’ but because she represented something for millions of people or rather Jackie became a pure signifier that had nothing to do with a the person. 208 more words


Veganism Is Good to Think With

Martin Rowe

The anthropologist and social theorist Claude Lévi-Strauss famously said that animals are “good to think with.” This observation has been questioned. Lévi-Strauss actually suggested that animals weren’t just “good to eat” ( 867 more words

Origins & Reasons

From The Dora Case to Hunky Dory

Probably the most famous case study by Freud is the Dora Case (case from 1900 and published in 1905) and rereading it recently I couldn’t help feeling that one can see key elements of the Dora Case as representation of the hysteric structure in contemporary life. 648 more words


Bears and beers

Freud in his book The Psychopathology of Everyday Life explores how words aren’t just related to singular meanings but that they can morph and join together into different forms or become related in wrong spellings to other words. 249 more words


ON THIS DAY: November 28, 2016

November 28th is

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