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Savage Mind - Quotes

Levi-Strauss, C. (1966). Savage Mind (First Edition edition). London: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd.

  1. The use of more or less abstract terms is a function not of greater or less or intellectual capacity, but of differences in the interest – and their intensity and attention to detail – of particular social groups within the national society.
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Scholarly Writing

“The Song of Hiawatha,” a Prologue

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow‘s The Song of Hiawatha, published in 1855, will be posted today or early tomorrow, but it may require a short follow-up article. 564 more words


Every Fact was a Myth at First

Many people believe that mythology is folklore but it is much more than that. Folklore is more specific to a single area or territory. As opposed to mythology which is much broader and encompasses a much larger part of society. 657 more words


Where Something Occurred, Where Life is Lived

I am the place in which something has occurred. I have seen more than people realize, witnessed outbursts of both the joyful and disgraceful kind, observed ordinary and great events, watched over the lonely, and joined the party. 343 more words

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Claude Lévi-Strauss

Claude Lévi-Strauss was a French anthropologist who was one of the primary theorists responsible for the development of what is known as structural anthropology, which is concerned with the underlying patterns of thought shared within all aspects of the human community. 287 more words


Claude Lévi-Strauss and Jean-François Lyotard on Nature and Humanity

Claude Lévi-Strauss’ ‘The Environment of Myth’ and Jean-François Lyotard’s ‘Ecology as Discourse of the Secluded’ both contend with issues surrounding the relationship between humanity, nature and culture. 1,195 more words

Theory Explained

How I Use Tarot, Part 3: Form Without Content

This is Part 3 of what is intended to be a three-part post on my personal take on Tarot. And this is the big one. The whopper. 2,002 more words