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Thick Victorian Walls

On Saturday Vanesa and I went to visit a friend in a high security hospital.

Our minds were led through countless double ‘air-locked’ doors, the thick Victorian walls of the Justice System. 131 more words


Quote of the Day

The characteristic feature of mystical thought is that it expresses itself by means of a heterogenous repertoire which, even if extensive, is nevertheless limited. It has to use this repertoire, however, whatever the task in hand because it has nothing else at its disposal.

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Quote Of The Day


“All that is solid melts into air” –  Marx’s famous statement from The Communist Manifesto. The same could be said about what ties meaning to a name; when the real, living, breathing person dies – the name, the word, the signifier becomes free floating, a pure signifier and as Claude Lévi – Strauss stated, the name or signifier becomes “in itself void of meaning and thus apt to receive any meaning.” 413 more words


Cooking = Language, Resources & Ends

From Farm Forest to Table, from Table to Forest.  Read it and weep, foodies.  I ate at noma.

I met a young programmer in the Fælledparken green space north west of Copenhagen.   800 more words


PETER FRITZ did more than sell insurance in Vienna, Austria. In the 1950s and 1960s, during his spare time Fritz built architectural models. Indeed, he left more than enough structures to make a village, plus perhaps 3000 images of other models he had made. 634 more words

Just Trippin'

Masking a Beautiful Machine

In The Jealous Potter, Claude Levi-Strauss tells of an account of the ovenbirds. He quotes one Ihering as follows:

“The male cries out and the female immediately answers half a tone lower; two sounds of equal length thus alternate with such speed, such rhythmical accuracy, that the listener is filled with admiration, especially on thinking how difficult it would be fore humans to practice this kind of musical exercise at prestissimo speed”. 387 more words

But I Have Too Many Questions

The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.   —  Claude Levi-Strauss . On This Day In: 2015 A New Friend… 14 more words