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Claude Lévi-Strauss and Jean-François Lyotard on Nature and Humanity

Claude Lévi-Strauss’ ‘The Environment of Myth’ and Jean-François Lyotard’s ‘Ecology as Discourse of the Secluded’ both contend with issues surrounding the relationship between humanity, nature and culture. 1,195 more words

Theory Explained

How I Use Tarot, Part 3: Form Without Content

This is Part 3 of what is intended to be a three-part post on my personal take on Tarot. And this is the big one. The whopper. 2,002 more words


The anthropologist speaks

From a theoretical point of view the situation remains very much the same as it was fifty years ago, namely, chaotic.

–Claude Lévi-Strauss, in Structural Anthropology (1967)

True That Discourse

The (in)human author and the (in)human characters

The other night we were talking about fiction, or more generally any art, that could represent a non-human reality, a non-human perspective and experience. I argued that fiction was particularly unsuited to this task, because it’s a genre rooted in very human experiences and conventions for representing those experiences. 1,647 more words


On Seeing and Naming Color: Blue Alienation

“Like it or not, we are slaves of the hour and its colors and forms, subjects of the sky and of the earth. Even the part of us that burrows deepest into itself, disdaining its surroundings, does not burrow along the same paths when it rains as when the sky is clear.”—Fernando Pessoa, …

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Rethinking Old Ideas

What else, indeed, have I learned from the masters who taught me, the philosophers I have read, the societies I have visited and even from that science which is the pride of the West, apart from a few scraps of wisdom which, when laid end to end, coincide with the meditation of the Sage at the foot of the tree?

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20th Century