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Just Don't Ask Me That!

This will be short as I’ve already said everything about it prior. The questions I hate being asked the most are:

“What do you do?” 72 more words


Reading List: National Anthropology Day

Today, February 19, is National Anthropology Day. The study of humankind is a fascinating and constantly changing area. Below are our most recently published titles in anthropology. 673 more words

Native Studies

Lewis Hyde The Gift more than 80 words not self help

S. found The Gift (How the creative sprit transforms the world) by Lewis on her bookshelf last night- I haven’t read it for seven or eight years but immediately became engrossed again. 182 more words

Claude Levi-strauss

Sebald's The Emigrants and Phantasms

Walking England’s oldest pathway in between immersing in WG Sebald, placing foot after foot on a path used by walkers 5000 years ago, reflecting on the memories and stones and truths in… 557 more words

20th Century

"The 'bricoleur'

…is adept at performing a large number of diverse tasks; but unlike the engineer, he does not subordinate each of them to the availability of raw materials and tools conceived and procured for the purpoose of the project. 94 more words


法國結構主義人類學家Claude Lévi-Strauss: 憂鬱的熱帶

前言: 可能跟法國的雜誌《查理周刊》遭到攻擊有關, 最近很多網友因為收尋”法國” & “伊斯蘭” 找到了我去年6月一直沒完成的文章  Lévi-Strauss眼中的法國; 我眼中的伊斯蘭   (本部落格沒完成的文章太多了! 不如改叫成 incomplete.wordpress.com 算了!!!). 有網友希望我能多寫 Lévi-Strauss 的論點, 但目前真的擠不出時間, 可是難得有人想了解我的偶像 (叫人類學者偶像也太奇怪了, 但突然間也想不倒用甚麼字眼), 所以決定放上我之前針對 Tristes Tropiques 《憂鬱的熱帶》 寫的期末報告. 報告有15頁,這篇先放前半段. 對, 不要再問了,只有英文版的, 請先懵懵啊讀 (放心,我不太用深澳的英文字眼, 我追求 public anthropology 境界). 2,163 more words


Vus à l’échelle...

Vus à l’échelle des millénaires, les passions humaines se confondent. Le temps n’ajoute ni ne retire rien aux amours et aux haines éprouvées par les hommes, à leurs engagements, à leurs luttes et à leurs désirs : jadis et aujourd’hui, ce sont toujours les mêmes.

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