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Troll 2 (1990)

This is not ‘the worst movie ever made’ ,

some ideas here are really crazy.  Deborah Reed is killin’ it.

Not bad for a xmas  family movie. 10 more words


The Other OTHER HELL Review... Bruno Mattei & Claudio Fragasso's Jaw-dropping Spaghetti Exorcist / Nunsploitation Hybrid Arrives On Severin BD.

BD. Region B. Severin. Unrated.

I previously dug up and reviewed the Redemption VHS edition of The Other Hell (1980) elsewhere on this site, where I rashly described it as Bruno Mattei’s “wildest and best” movie (or something along those lines… go click the link if you can be arsed, because I certainly can’t). 796 more words

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