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It made me happy that I could make this title alliterative. I wanted to talk about why I have so much respect for Claudio Sanchez. When I was younger, I was introduced by my parents to Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Pink Floyd, Journey, and many other bands. 459 more words

Cult Comic Essentials: Key of Z - Volume 1

New York City is down but not out – the zombie apocalypse has destroyed much of the city, but hard-boiled humanity hangs on.

But with the survivors divided into warring factions, and the undead hiding behind every corner, only one man can walk the streets alone: Nick Ewing. 46 more words


Translucid #1 & Protocol Orphans #1 Signings

Translucid #1 Signed by Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert

You can still get this double signed cover here at Midtown Comics!

Protocol Orphans #1 Signed by Peter Facinelli & Rob Defranco… 12 more words

Comic & Anime Art

10 Of My Favorite Coheed and Cambria songs

During my Sophomore year in high school I attended my first concert, well concerts, ever with a few of my best friends. It was one of the warped tours. 161 more words

When The Clock Reads 21:13

When you’re into a fandom, there are often things that you can point to and say, “That! That’s the thing that best explains this thing.” I experienced one of those moments on Thursday night as I stood sweaty and beaten from a mosh pit at Coheed & Cambria’s… 717 more words