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Finding the real me again - feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Freya went to a fourth birthday party at the weekend – the first one she’s really been old enough to take part in.

The excitement had been mounting for weeks, even though she’s not really sure what a party involves (apart from cake). 892 more words

No Sleep

Goodnight Moon. Goodnight CPAP.

My life has been kind of a hot mess lately and I’m not even completely sure way. I think it’s because I’m starting to make some big decisions and a lot of things are changing. 741 more words


body enemy (body in cage)

Dopo un anno di astinenza fotografica, passato a fotografare quasi esclusivamente nel mio appartamento,
camera, o meglio cella, i cieli di via Montegani dalla finestra e l’intimità della mia prigione, ho deciso… 77 more words

Too Much Noise

She smiles not, nor takes delight
At the cause of their excite.
Summoning all within her,
She struggles to remain polite.

A deer caught in the headlights, 158 more words

Poetry/short Stories

SPLIT (2017): "He's done awful things to people and he'll do awful things to you."

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan

Produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Jason Blum & Marc Bienstock

Music by West Dylan Thordson

Cinematography by Mike Gioulakis… 897 more words


Sensory deprivation tank experience, Part 2c. (The experience!)

Now to describe my second experience in the sensory deprivation tank! First, I couldn’t have done it without Callaghan, my partner in crime. I was especially thankful considering that he took time from his super busy agenda. 859 more words


Aligarh: Claustrophobia in and out

-Santosh Kumar

Cinema is rarely acknowledged as an exclusive domain of academic exercise but it offers very rich dimension to not just our understanding of the issue, it has a power to move us and shake our believe in a manner not possible through other mediums, apart from the directly influence it wields, cinema can be read as a source as a performative act, that is, how can we understand the relation between the medium and the audience, the signifier and the signified here takes a much more diverse form because signifier here is not just a spoken or written word, it is a performance unfolding before us, so is the signified, which is an image but also a sound, a word spoken. 1,211 more words