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21 days to rental termination

Another day, another disappointment. It’s funny how a house can look so stately from the outside. A grand ol’ house with its patio stairs, tasteful columns and perfectly sized porch…and a tiny, little cramped basement tucked away in a corner – like a hasty afterthought. 129 more words


Francobollo’s “Worried Times” Is For All The Free Single Souls Who Can’t Commit

Swedish alternative rockers, Francobollo, knows the claustrofucking sensation of being locked by something or someone in their new single “Worried Times.” Taking off with guitar chords, that stride you to percussive cascade, “Worried Times” wraps you with exhilarating layers of pouncing beats and lyrical reflections of one’s claustrophobia towards commitment of any kind. 245 more words


Mrs. Gonzales (González)

Dream 1

When I was inside my last dream from last night I think that I found a video montage of one of the dream characters from the dream named Mrs.  677 more words

Dream Journal

Ice Asylum

Growing wall of glacial solidarity.

Nine inches thick and frosty.

Mirror of fear and irregularity.

Then it starts moving back to me.

Slow grinding along the floor. 367 more words


Off The Ledge

I remember this one time I was sitting up at my rooftop with my legs hanging off the ledge and a joint in my mouth. It really was peaceful, that trip. 211 more words


She hunched over and folded deeper into herself

She surrounded herself in a metal box

Millimeters of space in between her skin and the steel… 56 more words