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I saw the man smiling and the world started to spin. That’s the last thing I remember.

I woke up in total darkness. Where am I? 33 more words

Short Story

I Don't Think VR is For Me Yet

The VR craze just keeps getting bigger. We’re closer than ever to being completely immersed in virtual worlds, beyond just the glasses technology we’re using now, and it’s rather exciting to see the possibilities become reality. 694 more words


In Hell: My Dark Times

It really sucks to be down in the dumps.

For the past several months, I haven’t had the desire to do anything; staying in bed all the time was the only thing that I wanted. 338 more words


Assignment 4: Self-evaluation

All websites mentioned in this post were accessed on 29 November 2016. All images shown are in the public domain.

29 November 2016. In this post follows my self-assessment for the painting produced for… 590 more words


Movie Monday - As Above So Below

I have been running around getting organized for Christmas.  Last Saturday was spent celebrating birthdays, food, family and friends.  I’ve got a lot of “F’s” in my life and I am loving it! 113 more words

A Shared Journal

Stuck in the liberary

At first it was dark. I couldn’t remember where, how, when off the situation. A sudden strike of Terror and claustrophobia went through me as I realized I was alone and locked in for the night.   478 more words

Brain Farts

Horror and Me

As writers, we are constantly told to read, read, read, and not just within our preferred genre. It was for this reason that I chose to study Horror Fiction. 643 more words