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Sensory deprivation tank experience, Part 2. (The floating part!)

After I got the tank door open, I sat in the water. Then I floated, explored the tank, and floated again, never leaving the front of the tank beneath the opening. 818 more words


Sensory deprivation tank experience, Part 1. (Birthday post!)

Today is my birthday. I’m 48, and I know what you’re all wondering, so I’ll just go ahead and answer that burning question right now: … 1,489 more words


Sedgefield Open Water Swim.

Thoughts on the Sedgefield Swim.

You might have picked up from the last post that we are on holiday now in Sedgefield. Sedgefield has its own lagoon, which makes for some wonderful open water swimming. 580 more words


23/100 - Crowded

Cramped. Claustrophobic. Collapsed. Cornered. Cowed. Crumpled. Crushed. Close. Cloying. Cemented. Caved. Caught. Clawing. Choked. Collared. Confined.

Word/Day 23 is Crowded: And I feel all of the above when I’m in a throng of people, but also when I think of being in a coffin, which besides not wanting to take up space when I’m gone, is why I am opting for cremation. 66 more words


Click here to hear this 90-second poem read aloud:https://anelephantcant.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/20161217_101025.mp3

the roads in town are all dug up
the noise is black as fate
the traffic at a standstill now… 146 more words



I saw the man smiling and the world started to spin. That’s the last thing I remember.

I woke up in total darkness. Where am I? 33 more words

Short Story

I Don't Think VR is For Me Yet

The VR craze just keeps getting bigger. We’re closer than ever to being completely immersed in virtual worlds, beyond just the glasses technology we’re using now, and it’s rather exciting to see the possibilities become reality. 694 more words