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Changing the Horror Movie in your Head

Anxiety is a hum of fear that vibrates underneath your every day experience and blows up into visions that can derail your day and your life. 621 more words



Too many people
I’m getting claustrophobic
Get me out of here.

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Buried (2010): Quick-shot review!

One of the more claustrophobic films I’ve seen in recent times, Buried (2010, dir. Rodrigo Cortés) will make you feel like you’re trapped in a very small and confined space, not unlike its protagonist. 477 more words

Film Grimoire

It Was The Day After I Lost My Phone

It was the day after I lost my phone.
Everything was going smoothly; well as smooth as it could get since my alarm, set to go off at six in the morning, didn’t go off. 734 more words


Phobias phobias phobias

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses tried and tested techniques to help people overcome their “fear response” which can make so many feel tense and uneasy as they approach a fear or phobia. 376 more words



One of these times, I won’t get nervous about the good, old MRI.  Apparently this time isn’t it.  Next Monday I get to have another, just to check for any silent lesions that may have occurred.   636 more words