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Private traps: A critical analysis of "Psycho" (1960)

I might have a disadvantage over you because I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” on a big screen. The master of suspense’s 1960 thriller was part of a film appreciation course I took, a course that focused on the works of Hitchcock and Roman Polanski. 703 more words



I get ill quite a lot. Viruses, mainly. And it is so draining. You’d think that having an ‘excuse’ to lay around in bed all day would leave you well rested and ready to get back to work, but there is something exhausting about the relentless way illness nags at you until you are left so tired you have to go back to bed. 133 more words



I try very hard
To get you out of my mind’s eye
To fill those gaps with chatter
With conversations that I hope will touch a part of me somewhere… 172 more words


Phobias and fears

I am scared of clown dolls. Not people dressed as clowns at birthday parties. Not pictures of clowns hanging on walls or scary demon-possessed clowns in movies. 284 more words


Catacombs of Paris


My watch has an alarm set to 9am and, for the second time, its haunting chime echoed off the damp walls surrounding me. It was a constant reminder that repeated at the top of every hour. 333 more words

Claustrophobia - The Laboratory

Claustrophobia is located in the Hintonburg area of Ottawa.  It was highly recommended by friends-of-friends over Escape Manor, so we went with Team Ryvian (Ottawa friends) to investigate.   549 more words


Diagonal Parking and Thoughts on Angled Life in General

One of my greatest fascinations in life is: Diagonal Parking.

On first read, this may sound strange, perhaps silly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it prompted the question: Why? 583 more words