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Northern Lights on the Northern Line

For some reason, I am claustrophobic. But sometimes I try to take the tube anyway. Last time I took it, I felt the need to write an ode to my journey to calm my nerves. 113 more words

Short Stories

Life (Espinosa; 2017)

I’ve been talking quite a bit lately in my reviews how horror is going through something of a mini-Renaissance of late.  It seems the writers, directors, and producers of these films have at long last figured out that audiences are tired of and want more than jump scares, story arcs that work only because of idiotic decisions, and cheap camera tricks meant to mislead the viewer but ultimately just very temporarily conceal the plot holes riddled throughout the story.   1,083 more words

Movie Review

A Few of My Phobias (Part One)

Greetings, my dear Stars!

I know I haven’t done one of those long, literate how-to guides in seemingly forever, but I’ve been so busy with school and I simply haven’t had enough time to put one of those together. 624 more words


Hello once again! It’s been long – pretty long – since I last posted someting. Actually, I had my intermediate exams going on. And nothing could be scarier for a student like me than screwing up any paper. 360 more words

From The Writer's Heart...

Vagaries in Gestation: On Being Linear, Part lV, March 16.17

If there are no lines in Nature,

how unnatural is this place?

what narrow box, right-angled well,

what one-eyed vortexed face?

Phantasmic vague stalactites

shadows flat, diffuse… 33 more words


She Just Keeps Stacking

I have a relative who easily qualifies as a hoarder. She has stuff everywhere: stacked up against furniture, stacked on the counters, stacked in closets. She keeps all four bedroom doors closed when we come over; I can guess why. 370 more words


Prison Cells

I don’t like confined spaces
I was misunderstood and they locked me up

I was lost and confused and they didn’t give a fuck

My colour, my religion, just more categories in which to them I’m insufficient. 209 more words