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Minding my business

I know I haven’t written in a long time. Writer’s block or some other absurd reason might be the cause. I have been revived, I guess by a recently recurring thought of a terribly anxious dream…

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Social Interactions

I was reading a post of someone that I am subscribed to and she had a very interesting subject, that I thought I may as well blog about. 239 more words


In which hopes are somewhat dashed

It would have been too perfect, wouldn’t it, if I had successfully bought the very first house I saw.

That’s what was shaping up. I was beginning to dare to let myself dream… 1,105 more words


Just Musing I

I cried today….


because I am not where I want to be

I am not who I want to be

My existence traps me… 63 more words


As I’ve grown up, the circle of people that I regularly talk to has shrunk significantly (I’m basically down to immediate family, and really only half of them). 350 more words

An Anxious Word

An Anxious Word

I didn’t sleep well last night. I am facing a real fear today. At 9:00AM I will be walking into a dentists’ office for oral surgery. 268 more words


Do Not Bother Me

I have been working with my dad in a restoration company. It is family owned and we are family friends with the owners. What I do is I clean things like houses (such as walls, cabinets, ext.), contents (furniture, dishes, ext.), I have done duct cleanings and dryer vent cleaning too. 365 more words