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Claustrophobia (part 3)

Human perception can be easily deceived. If there is blood running down your hands and you can’t see around you in the darkness can you say for sure that it’s blood running down instead of water? 712 more words


11-24-2015 Journal– Computers, Crowds & Shopping!

The electric blanket remains at level six this morning as I lounge here and try to decide what this day will bring.  The better-half works only a half day today which I fear means more Christmas shopping in my immediate future. 387 more words

Just Saying

The Claustrophobia of Faustian Pacts

Are all Faustian Pacts characterized by a certain claustrophobia?

If “it” feels too close and binding, is it a good thing?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

Victory!  I made it to the tippy, tippy top of the Ulm Münster, the tallest church in the world.

Our theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge… 524 more words


Claustrophobia (part 2)

Moving her hands around she came to realize that she’s in a wooden box. At first she tried not to think about it, to chase that thought away from her mind. 620 more words


Claustrophobia (part 1)

She reached out her hand, trying to reach for the Sun. But no luck. The place was cramped, small, dark and humid. She tried to remember how it was she got there. 915 more words