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Your Worst Phobias and How To Tackle Them

Phobias? What’s the meaning of this word that is so often used in magazines, TV shows and books? Phobias are a state of anxiety that make you experience an irrational fear of an object or situation. 997 more words

Why Emeralds (and not diamonds) Are This Girl's Best Friend

I was born in the month of May, and therefore my birthstone is the Emerald. Awesome, because my favourite colour is green; and so I loved wearing the birthstone jewellery my mother bought me when I was a young girl. 398 more words


You Died

You died
The day the rain washed the window panes
And instead of being a child again
I sat and watched it alone

You died… 85 more words


Hello, I'm Terrified

Ever since I was little I’ve known what the word “claustrophobic” meant. My dad would talk about his fear of being in small, cramped spaces and I figured, if someone as big and strong as my dad was afraid of that, it’s ok that I am too. 82 more words

Gulaab escapes

It was another uncomfortable day. The Sun appeared at the brink as the day ended its intense course. Heat ebbed as the Sun hid from sight but the humidity was there to stay and create a little hell for the commuters in that metallic coop. 603 more words

Letters to You-8

If I used all my energy to call you back
Would you come back to me?
If I washed your face with my tears
Would you be the rain for me? 149 more words