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Is Claustophobia A Viable ADA Lawsuit?

Lawyer’s Claustrophobia ADA Suit Survives Motion To Dismiss, by Debra Cassens Weiss, Undisputed Legal Inc.


A Philadelphia lawyer who claimed her law firm failed to accommodate her claustrophobia may proceed with her lawsuit, a federal judge has ruled.

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Employment Law


Buried (2010) – 6/10

Ryan Reynolds is pretty convincing in this filmed entirely in a coffin flick.  You have to ‘go with it’ so you might as well. 39 more words


MRI - the not so scary big machine if you do the right things

It looks terrifying doesn’t it? The big white hole! But really, it’s just a time to get nap! I had one on Tuesday night and even though it was half an hour, I’m convinced I fell asleep because it felt like 15 mins! 146 more words


On Being an Outdoor Cat

I easily get claustrophobic, but it goes beyond crowded elevators or airplanes. I get claustrophobic in office cubicles or conference rooms with no windows. For most of my adult life I’ve held an office job, but I yearn to be outdoors more often. 335 more words

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Random Thought: Phobias

There are more than enough different phobias for people to share, and while I’ve reduced mine from childhood down to a solid three, there’s one that people still think I’m joking around about, and surprisingly enough, it’s not coulrophobia (fear of clowns). 461 more words


Too Much of A Good Thing?

I’m a very isolated person and I greatly enjoy being alone.

Being around other people makes me feel claustrophobic and edgy although I do enjoy the very casual give and take of surface conversations… the ‘How Do You Do’s?’ and the ‘Nice to See You’s.’ 345 more words


My own personal hell.

I hate my school so much. The people there are arseholes who I hate and the teachers care more about their jobs than your health. 346 more words