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Missouri Inmate: Lethal Injection May Trigger Severe Pain

ST. LOUIS (AP) – A Missouri inmate is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to spare his life because he says the execution drug could trigger severe pain and convulsions due to the remnants of a brain tumor and damage caused by surgery to remove it. 114 more words


Be Your Own Handyman

Every household should have some basic tools on hand. You never know what might fall apart or what needs a quick fix. Before you call the carpenter, electrician or plumber and spend a lot of money, look into your own toolbox and see if you could fix it. 511 more words

What Type Of Writer Are You?

I have a special guest for you today, with a thought-provoking post. He sure had me wondering what type of writer I am, and I’m betting he’ll do the same for you. 1,516 more words


Lessons In Music

I had my first music lesson for almost 20 years at the weekend, courtesy of the great folks at http://www.dailyfrail.com. Pat (A.K.A Dear Old Dad) met up with me via Skype for a slot we had arranged earlier in the week and we had a good chat, and worked through some tunes. 558 more words


Koo Koo at Wo Wo

Ceara volunteered to take some video of me performing whilst we stayed at Wowo campsite a couple of weeks ago. Not a perfect rendition of this song, but I quite like it and I think it reflects the mood of that steamily hot and relaxed (hungover) day.

Alex Bondonno

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Have managed to do a bit of writing today that didn’t involve actual writing. Now, that sounds like the sort of half-assed excuses that people who don’t want to go through the actual tedium of third, fourth, and twelfty drafts come up with (and, indeed, it is a little bit), but I had two sudden solutions to plot problems (or more specifically, dialogue problems) on my way to work. 509 more words