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Tired of fearing for your life while clipping your cat's claws? Cat mask offers an easy solution

“Whenever I try to clip my cat’s claws, it goes ballistic. What on earth can I do so that it will let me?”

The above thought has probably crossed the mind of anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of caring for a cat. 519 more words


Skin 'N' Bones

Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems

After sharing the book, talk about the hair, nails (claws), teeth and horns on the monsters. Talk about how hair and nails are adaptations of the skin/hide and teeth and horns are a part of the skeletal system (bones) of the body. 25 more words

General Science

Knowledge Is Pawer

You may have read my blog post about us not having cable.  Well, we have never subscribed to a cable package that contains Animal Planet, so when I get the chance to watch it I am thrilled. 519 more words



He’s too late to beg

for her forgiveness,

the thunder rolled in

and there’s no one to witness.

The rain soaks his feathers

and mats her hair, 104 more words


Quite crabby

A tiny crab (about 2cm across the shell), as found under a rock at the beach.