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X-23 gets her claws in "Logan"

20th Century Fox has released a new video showing X-23 (Dafne Keen) getting her claws and discovering her regenerative powers in “Logan”. 6 more words


Nose and Nails


When I first got Gabi (nearly 5 years ago) , her nose was incredibly red. It looks a lot better now.

I think her diet helps (when I got her she seemed to have allergy issues and also had tummy problems), I avoid treats containing wheat and for a long time (until we recently switched to Senior food) I didn’t feed her “chicken” dog food.   145 more words


Just a Little Chat

Mother chose a magazine from the stack. She flipped pages and sipped her juice. My tail twitched uncontrollably. The pigeon stared at me. I remained calm. 49 more words

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

Cat in Beast Mode

Cat turns beast intro

Most of us have been scratched by one of these soft, cute little furballs at least once in our lives. You reach your hand in with an object so you can get a funny reaction, next thing you know, your wrist has just been sliced and you feel the burn. 317 more words


Part 377 - Ambrose Vs. Raven

“Hey, Raven.”

Raven uncovered his face and slowly pulled on his gloves.

“What’s happened? Is she all right? Is she safe?”

Raven raised his gaze to Ambrose’s face. 434 more words

Can Wolverine play a good father?

Logan – Movie

In a world where  all mutants have been wiped out, there are only a few who reamin strong, and guess what, Wolverine (played by… 374 more words


Part 364 - The Other Side Of Savage Hunger

Barbara appeared in Ambrose’s dream.

She was just a pencil sketch with imperfect lines and eraser marks. Her lines became stronger and well-defined. Colors filled her in, like paint inside a mason jar. 450 more words