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I have the claws of a man all over my flesh
For him I bleed the delights of love



On  Monday afternoon I decided to give my dog Gabi a bath, while still have warm sunny days.

Early that evening I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. 378 more words


Discovering Yourself

Part 5

Claws cutting into your back, a sharp pain your chest leaving one big dark mark, and once again dragged to your knees. Punished for a crime you didn’t even commit, what have you done? 472 more words



Crouching down I leaned his head against my chest and reached over to cut his claws.  Scout was laying on his bed, content after drinking a bowl of cereal milk.  326 more words

Life Topics


A claw sharp as a razor pierces your skin,

That red liquor of hell pours once more and you know where you’ve been.

You fall onto your knees as the second claw sinks in, 68 more words


March... wow march!

March was extremely busy on here and in my normal life. March is normally a month i usually wish to hid and recover from. I still wish to recover from it but now it’s april so I am just going to listen to documentaries clean house and try even harder to get some semblance of my health and life together. 212 more words