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So your long-haired cat needs to be groomed. Here's what you need to buy.

I groom these two sweet-natured beauties once a month. (Jump to the middle of this post for links to grooming tools.) Even if your long-haired cat is another breed or a mix, you can use similar tools. 194 more words

Cat Grooming In New York

How to avoid getting scratched by a cat

Due to anatomy and predisposition, cats predictably do certain things at certain times. The predictability makes it possible to handle most of them, even though they have claws and teeth. 315 more words

Handling And Behavior

Sunday Funny Page

It’s break time for the A-Z Challenge – today’s Sunday Funnies are brought to you by Cats At The Bar!!! Click Here for more funnies from CATB Enjoy!


Please Don't Declaw!

I came across a comment on a friend’s post today from a girl who “wished her cat was declawed.”  I tried to nicely explain why she should not wish that.   387 more words

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Appearances May Be Deceiving

I see Hugh Jackman as a strong actor. All of the work he does is strong. He was solid in Swordfish. He was epic in Les Miserables. 636 more words

The Bird Watcher

     Day Six and poem number two . This poem is called The Bird Watcher

Picking through the thicket

he stops at the sight of

beating wings… 79 more words

My Poetry