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Cute furry kitty feet stretched across my arm while I typed. I thought that meant I was allowed to pet them. My inappropriate behavior was quickly corrected, and I have the claw marks on my hand to show for it. 24 more words

Awake August 2016

Claw Trimming

As expected… the first stage of weaning Teabag off his 100% tuna diet… did not go well. So he’s getting his claws trimmed today.

I know a lot of people do this themselves, but personally I’m too afraid of trimming too harshly and cutting into “the quick” which is the bit where the nerves are and hurting Teabag, so I get it done by a groomer or his vet. 299 more words

Responsible Cat Ownership

Bastet’s Catnip

Sleek cat that we’re protecting is powerful indeed
Says she just needs a leg up till she gets up to speed
Though we are all dull rodents and fat one is a cat… 90 more words


Why you need to see a vet for ingrown claws

As much as I’d like to help by trimming the claw that has grown into your cat’s paw pad, I don’t do it. This video shows why. 31 more words

Cat Grooming In New York


Have you ever wanted something so much that it physically hurt you? You try  to tell yourself that you should get your mind off that topic but it just ends up… 817 more words



Claws under disguise,

dig in,

fracturing all reserve.

#8wordsofpoetry 6 more words