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I was a deeply cracked and stitched epitome of virtue.

Never presume, but always pretending. 181 more words

Unsheathing my claws and baring my fangs!

Sekhmet came through, loud and clear and insistent, the day after I ripped parts out of my own mane.

I felt my claws unsheath. I could sense the lengthening and sharpening of my own fangs. 211 more words



A cold foot against the window pane
The vapor there quietens back
The moment
And chill casts its claws
Not a soul to be seen in… 31 more words

Feminist Friday: The Words We Choose

The in-laws are here for Thanksgiving. This is many, many things, all worthy of speed drinking in order to pass out, but here is a snippet: 596 more words


Character Spotlight: X-23


from ComicVine:
X-23 is a product of the Weapon X program cloned from a damaged sample of Wolverine’s DNA. Since she could walk, she was trained to kill Wolverine, but instead she joined the X-Men, becoming his daughter figure and eventually, his successor. 453 more words

Comic Books

They're Baaaack

Hi everyone and TGIF! Okay, so this week’s Monday Update involved me freaking out because I broke one of my natural nails that I have been trying so freaking hard to grow out in lieu of getting acrylics. 426 more words


Declawing A Cat Is Cruel


Cat declawing is still legal in some places. Some pet owners mistakenly believe that the procedure causes no harm to their pet. They declaw cats to stop them scratching at furniture or scratching them. 437 more words