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Cracked 5 ... November 24th, 2015

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Things You Should Not Add to Your Turkey Stuffing

A. Belly button lint, even though it does have a similar texture… 138 more words

Cracked 5

More & More Owners Schedule Claw Trims

This is good news for cats!  For a cat who tolerates claw trims, think how much better their life is when momma or poppa schedules claw trims every 4 to 8 weeks! 47 more words

Cat Grooming In New York


Hello Bloggers, for the Day 12 assignment we are supposed to critique a piece of work. So here is my presentation on Wolverine, yes you read that right, the character from the Marvel World. 265 more words


Six Things You Should Know About This Rabbit

  1. There is a rabbit in the United States named BB Buttons. Her name is a product of arguments based on the fact that a) the mother is named Bun-Bun hence the name is sort of taken and b) Buttons is a decent name.
  2. 232 more words

les gardiens de la nuit

There are many men parked out in chairs, with obtuse backrests, extra foamy padded seats, a nearby radio sprinkling out voices.  These men are waiting, being present in preventing anything from happening by doing nothing, but having to stay awake through long days and eternal nights. 228 more words

Daily Life


The lazy landloper sunk his claws — into — the tree’s trunk
arching his back (his spine)  … sunlight … then resumed his run
a feline exploration IN the backyard jungle.