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The Bus is Goin’ Mighty Slow

People are getting hostile. They want equality. Oops, no, they want power. The people, you know, the people, the multitudes, all those people who live like shit… the… 130 more words


Interview: Mike and Rachel Grinti, Part One

Mike Grinti is a 2003 graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. He and his wife, Rachel, cowrote two books: Claws (2012) and Jala’s Mask (released last November). 3,881 more words


What are your thoughts on strategies for balancing work and life? your thoughts on wilderness?

The wolverine can be found primarily in remote reaches of the Northern boreal forests and subarctic. Its population has experienced a steady decline since the 19th century in the face of trapping, range reduction and habitat fragmentation, such that they are essentially absent from the southern end of their European Genetic evidence suggests that the wolverine is most closely related to the tayra and martens.  130 more words


What's a claw thorn? It's what I call a claw that's pierced the skin.

A claw thorn is a claw growing into a cat’s paw pad. Much like a thorn, an untrimmed claw can pierce the paw. Ouch!! 75 more words

Claw Trim

City people have a hard time dealing with animal care. Yes, a cat is an animal.

More than a few NYC cat owners deal with grooming their cats the same way I deal with parallel parking.

Awkwardly. Fearfully. Sometimes tearily.

If you ever see me trying to parallel park, cross to the other side of the street, because I can’t guarantee your safety. 136 more words