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Browning B725 Black Edition Review - Courtesy of Jason Harris

Jason Harris says that the B725 Black Edition is a stylish upgrade to a thoroughly 21st-century gun.

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Product:B725 Black Edition

Manufacturer: Browning

Browning’s B725 has been with us for about three years now. 782 more words

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Expert’s Choice: Mike Yardley's Guns and Why He Rates Them - Courtesy of Mike Yardley

Ever wondered what Mike Yardley is looking for when choosing guns for his own use? Mike tells us about his own shotguns and why he likes them. 902 more words

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Have You Tried This Clay Shooting Method - Courtesy of Sporting Gun

A significant number of people who shoot have eye dominance issues, and I’m one of them: I shoot from the right shoulder but have a left dominant eye. 1,366 more words

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Historic Purdey Bicentenary Trio Sold - Courtesy of Martin Puddler

The Purdey Bicentenary Trio, crafted by James Purdey & Sons to celebrate the gunmaker’s bicentenary year, has been sold. 

The Purdey Bicentenary Trio, a unique set that consists of a 12-bore side-by-side shotgun, a 20-bore Damascus over-and-under shotgun and a .470 double rifle, was sold to a private collector for an undisclosed fee. 169 more words

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EJ Churchill Coronet Over-and-Under Shotgun Review - Courtesy of Mike Yardley

Mike Yardley struggles to fault the gun on the practical front considering the price tag. He finds the EJ Churchill Coronet over-and-under shotgun is well designed and well decorated, shoots well and offers value for money. 832 more words

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Three Shotgun Wingshooting Methods Explained - Courtesy of Marty Fischer

Learn the swing through, pull away and maintained lead methods to hit more moving targets with your shotgun. Wingshooting expert Marty Fischer explains how.

The Swing Through Method… 341 more words

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Gun Reviews: Webley & Scott 920K Shotgun - Courtesy of Laura Nineham

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Gun reviews: Webley & Scott 920K shotgun

Manufacturer:Webley & Scott

 You could say Webley and Scott’s 920K 20-bore over-under is a gun for all occasions; thanks to the fact it comes in two different guises and three barrel lengths to suit the long, short and the tall. 527 more words

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