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Gun Reviews: Webley & Scott 920K Shotgun - Courtesy of Laura Nineham

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Gun reviews: Webley & Scott 920K shotgun

Manufacturer:Webley & Scott

 You could say Webley and Scott’s 920K 20-bore over-under is a gun for all occasions; thanks to the fact it comes in two different guises and three barrel lengths to suit the long, short and the tall. 527 more words

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The Great 28-Gauge - Courtesy of Brad Fitzpatrick

There are a lot of reasons to love the little 28-gauge, and every year more and more shooters are trading in their hard-kicking heavy 12-bores for these lighter guns. 110 more words

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Shotgun Review - Rizzini RB and Rizzini RBEL - Courtesy of Vic Harker

Vic Harker is impressed with the aesthetics and balance of two elegant 20 bores from Rizzini, the RB and the RBEL.

In regards to aesthetics – mechanical design apart for a moment – the British gun trade perfected both the side-by-side and the over-under for game shooting. 938 more words

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History of the Shotgun and Shooting - Courtesy of The Field & Mark Murray-Flutter and Edward Impey

The history of the shotgun and shooting, from the reign of Henry VIII to 1800. How bird shooting went from its infancy to the eve of the sport we know today. 1,838 more words

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Why is it important to practise clay shooting in summer? - Courtesy of Martin Puddifer

The more you practise clay shooting during the summer the better a shot you’ll be during the game shooting season. 

Edward Watson: Once the driven game shooting season closes, it’s very easy for even the most passionate of sportsmen or women to clean their shotgun and then place it carefully in the cabinet until just before their first day of the following season. 322 more words

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Celebrating Our 200th Posting

To celebrate our 200th post since we started the Blog in late November, we thought we would make it a montage of some of our favourite photos we have shared with our growing number of Readers and Followers along the way. 10 more words

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Perazzi MXS Shotgun Review - Courtesy of Jason Harris and Sporting Gun

Perazzi MXS shotgun review: Strength, a simple design and superb handling all find a home in the new Perazzi MXS, says Jason Harris.

Product:Perazzi MXS shotgun review…

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