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Clay Tiles Project in Japan - Marine & Walk Yokohama

The design of the clay tiles for MM21 project is from an old looking idea, which makes the tiles looks centuried. The first testing sample comes from LOPO’s hand-made clay tiles. 160 more words

LOPO Terracotta

Tiles from December, 2016 - Group 1

I’ve got a lot of tiles to show you from this time period. So get ready!

I’ve been making tiles using photos as references. It’s my current idea and so far, so good. 100 more words


Elder Futhark - reused wood & clay tiles

Most Runic texts are found on hard surfaces such as rock, wood, and metal, and this might explain its angular shape. Because of the resemblance to Mediterranean scripts, it is very likely that Futhark was adapted from either the Greek or Etruscan alphabet.

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