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earth print bowl

This is “earth print bowl” because it looks as if it could be a weather map of the whole world at one time, including the molten core. 20 more words


DIY nature-inspired ornaments

‘Tis the season! The weather has turned and sadly there aren’t quite as many opportunities to get outside and explore the Island’s wildlife, so I decided to bring it indoors! 613 more words


Snowman Ornament Crochet Pattern

Hi Everyone!

It is almost Christmas and that means its time to start decorating your Christmas trees! Last week I posted about a wreath ornament I made with beads and a little bit of dark green yarn. 254 more words


Review of Immortal Face Mask

Couple of weeks ago I brought the Immortal face mask that was only $18 to try as I’ve never used this brand before. The product claims it helps slow down visible signs of ageing, protect skin from environment factors and help enhance the youthful appearance of skin by providing a healthy glow. 276 more words


Pottery Perils Persist

Several days back I wrote of my recent kiln disasters with my holey bowls and the addition of the concepts of shivering and dunting to my ever-expanding vocabulary of ceramics. 244 more words