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How I Learned Not To Starve... Together

Around 2012 during its early-access phase, I had my eyes firmly planted on the peculiar looking game, Don’t Starve. My one gripe was that such an interesting concept for a game had no initial plans for a co-operative mode. 1,488 more words



There is not enough knowledge
to soften the longing of the human heart
for longing is endurance
in a search of a place
where I can dig my untrained fingers… 71 more words


Mind Blowing

We think we have everything under control. We make our plans and we try our best to stick to the plan as much as possible. We think they are best for our lives but they are frail and feeble when compared to God’s plan for us. 484 more words


The Clay and the Rough Road

Last 2013, there was something that God made me understand, and it’s about IDENTITY. It all started after our weeknight worship service, after an awkward… 986 more words