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500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #430 - Man Renewed

Man Renewed

Musings of the Artists Mind

Right out of the descriptions of the Ancient Greek sculptures of masculinity, this figure is thick, solid, and rough. 324 more words

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The Glorious Hammer By Douglas

When we went to Portugal, we saw an amazing Cathedral. We walked up to the first sign and it talked about this ball peen hammer that was used in the building of the church. 620 more words

Douglas's Weekly Blog

Federer Into Stuttgart Final & We've Got Tennis Schwag

Be honest: did you think the mention of schwag meant I’d gone ahead and created some Mcshow Blog schwag? More honesty: would you be reaching for your wallet? 1,330 more words


500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #429 - The Chalice

The Chalice

Musings of the Artists Mind

This one was a dual exploration in functionality and exaggerated textures. I was asked to create a large vessel for very big flower arrangement and let my insecurities of the day filter into the fear of showing imperfections in the surface, so I went to the other extreme and covered the whole sculpture with a heavy coating of slip, then attempted to work the surface as it were Van Gogh self-portrait. 281 more words

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And more steps forward

I agreed with my teacher that it was never going to quite stand up by itself self so it needed to perch

So here he is perching. 52 more words


500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #428 - Fulcrum


Musings of the Artists Mind

Built simultaneously as Water Goddess, but with a different surface decoration. This one has an engine & stain finish that gives it a more antique finish. 256 more words

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