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Testing out a new stoneware clay

Since I have been having some issues with the porcelain clay splitting during the drying process I decided to try out a stoneware clay. This stoneware clay is similar to porcelain but contains “grog” -a prefired material ( in this case a fine sand) that will not shrink during drying and renders the clay less prone to splitting and cracking. 65 more words


molded with precision:
passion’s fleeting focus

a proud clay revelation
to his surprise

now, a backroom sculpture
spared damnation
from the social eye

¬© Anthony Gorman 2016… 8 more words


Controlling Fruit Flies with Netting or Clay [+Rant]

While many of the suggestions in this big ag monocropping series include sprays and traps with inorganic and organic pesticides, inorganic (that word again) row netting or kaolinite clay may be a good option according to their trials. 113 more words


Miri Model

I previously posted the illustration I did for my Dungeons and Dragons character Miri. Click here to go to the post.

I decided to create a model for her out of clay. 14 more words


Gohama walked up the stairs to the top of the wall of Ikalga. Once there, he stopped at the parapet and glanced into the distance. The land outside the walls was in a peaceful state, opposite of the city itself, whose insides were burning. 1,750 more words

Short Stories

Honey-Rose face cleanser

Hello Green beauties! I’m back again with a new DIY! To be honest this is not a completely new to you, I previously¬†praised the benefit of honey as face cleanser in one of my recent post (see… 409 more words