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Zero 18

Today, Drew and Patrick are discussing Zero 18, originally released July 1st, 2015.

Drew: I don’t love fetishizing endings. I resent the idea that the final moments of a work of art are somehow more important than all of the other moments that came before. 1,580 more words

Alternating Current

Review: Marvel Zombies Issue 1

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Kev Walker

Colours by Frank D’Armata

Lettering & Production by VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover by Ken Lashley & Paul Mounts… 561 more words

Alasdair Stuart

Review: Material Issue 1

Written by Ales Kot

Illustrated by Will Tempest

Lettered by Clayton Cowles

Designed by Tom Muller

Published by Image


At MIT, a professor lectures about the threats machine pose to culture and human interaction and then has a very surprising conversation. 495 more words

Alasdair Stuart

Zero 17

Today, Patrick and Taylor are discussing Zero 17, originally released June 3rd, 2015.

Make art, not war.


Patrick: Perhaps it’s because the above statement is so simple that tracking down a specific origin proves so difficult. 

1,611 more words
Alternating Current

Material 1

Today, Drew and Patrick are discussing Material 1, originally released May 27th, 2015.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

1,517 more words
Alternating Current

Mr. Vertigo Reviews 39: Velvet Vol.1 – Before The Living End; Pretty Deadly Vol. 1 – The Shrike; Fairest Vol. 4 – Of Men And Mice

Velvet Vol.1 – Before The Living End
Ed Brubaker, writer; Steve Epting, artist; Elizabeth Breitweiser, colors
Image Comics

If you like a good spy story, you’ve come to the right place. 824 more words

Vertigo Comics

Zero 16

Today, Drew and Taylor are discussing Zero 16, originally released May 6th, 2015.

“You” believed this was “your voice” and “you” were a story “you” were telling to a boy who was “your son” but “who” was telling the story of “you” telling the story to “your son?”

1,681 more words
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