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Why “Magic: the Gathering” is Doomed: Lessons from the Business Theory of Disruption

Twenty years ago, when I was young and beautiful, I picked up a wrapped pack of cards in a computer games store, and read for the first time the tag “Magic: the Gathering”. 2,249 more words

Thoughts About The Future

a book about disruptive technology

the innovator’s dilemma:  when new technologies cause great firms to fail (1997) by clayton m. christensen contains case studies about how companies successfully or unsuccessfully dealt with disruptive technologies \ primarily about the disruption in the disk drive industry, it also illustrated disruptions in diverse areas such as mechanical excavators <hydraulic technology>, retailing <discount stores>, steel industry <electric arc furnace which utilized steel scrap>, motorcycles <honda’s offroad bike>, and pharma <novo’s insulin pen> \ an excellent must read for marketers, business leaders & innovators / it’s like the what-to-expect series – “what to expect when you are faced with potentially disruptive technology (& how to recognize one)” 


Day #865:The Quest for Happiness and Work-life Balance

There’s an interesting story told in Paulo Coelho’s seminal work The Alchemist. One of the best books written in this century.

Now, the story goes: 1,487 more words


Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools (Horn & Staker)

I can honestly say that I never thought I’d read a book about education that features blurbs from (among others) Jeb Bush and a representative of the Gates Foundation. 298 more words


The Monk and The Riddle and Rework and others

The one is more imperative the other more loose.

Both are No BS.

I read The Monk and The Riddle and then Rework shortly after eachother. 367 more words


Day #767:"..If you want to help other people, be a manager"

“I used to think that if you cared for other people, you need to study sociology or something like it. But….I concluded, if you want to help other people, be a manager. 79 more words

Dental innovators prepares for their black-tie moments

It seems fitting that in less than three weeks, hundreds of innovation professionals whose ideas are always percolating will convene in the city that never sleeps. 248 more words