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Try This One Weird Trick

Clickbait: modern internet users love to hate it. So why do absurd claims and questionable tactics persist? The answer lies in consumer (read: human) habits. Though we vehemently deny it, a tiny piece of us still wants to find that too-good-to-be-true panacea for our perceived woes, and we never really stop searching for it. 493 more words

Fab Friday -- Let's Talk New Year's Resolutions

I don’t know what happened to 2014 — I must have blinked!

I know it’s not even Christmas, but New Year’s still tops my Favorite Holiday List! 546 more words


Restoring the Dignity of the Home - Cleaning...

I am writing this post for myself. And for you. We’re in this together.

You and me, sister. At the end of the day, we often feel like Frodo and Sam on the slopes of Mount Doom. 1,167 more words