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Financier puts $1B of own money into Climate change mitigation technology

According to this report, billionaire George Soros said he will invest $1 billion in clean-energy technology and create an organization to advise policy makers on environmental issues. 22 more words


A123 in patent dispute

Bloomberg is reporting that A123 Systems Inc., a maker of lithium batteries for plug-in cars that first sold stock today, is in talks to end a patent dispute with the University of Texas and Hydro-Quebec over technology underlying its products. 15 more words


South Korea fast tracks green IP

We received news from EzPat that South Korea will now expedite Examination for Applications related to Green Technology, Effective October 1, 2009:

1. Applications that are financed or certified for being green technology qualify for Expedited Examination. 27 more words


Turning car exhaust into electricity

Here is an idea I have not heard of before: capturing the heat from a car’s exhaust and using it to generate electricity.  Apparently, the company… 57 more words


Toyota Builds Patent Portfolio Around Hybrid To Block Competitors

The Wall Street Journal quoted Griffith Hack patent attorney Justin Blows:

Toyota’s patent-filing strategy has made it far too risky to copy the Prius without Toyota’s blessing.

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Solar Energy Society tells it how it is

In this article, John Grimes, the CEO of the Australian & New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES) stated:

Australian scientists and research and development are at the leading edge of the world  … what we lack is government support to commercialise and capitalise on that research…

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