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Daimler Reviewing U.S. Emissions Certification Process

Shortly after it was revealed that Volkswagen equipped 11 million diesel-engine vehicles worldwide with emissions-cheating “defeat devices,” rumors began swirling that similar irregularities were present in Daimler vehicles… 244 more words

Feds Sue Volkswagen For Deceptive "Clean Diesel" Advertising

We all know by now that Volkswagen’s “Clean Diesel” vehicles were anything but, and that the carmaker deliberately used so-called “defeat devices” to cheat on emissions tests. 417 more words

Deck The Halls With Toxic Candles. Wait. WTF?

Not all candles are created equal so before you go getting all romantic and setting the mood with a bunch of ‘benzy burners’, (I’ll explain later) you should probably know a few things. 394 more words


After Volkswagen’s Clean Diesel Scandal, Probe on Wolfsburg for Using Performance Enhancing Apparel

By: Rangeela

: 2015 has been a splendid year for Wolfsburg so far! They defeated Dortmund 3-1 to win their first DFB Pokal (In Jurgen Klopp’s last match in charge of BVB), … 504 more words


Volkswagen’s stock has dropped 23%, and they have admitted to what 1970’s backroom-accountants with green-plastic visors call, “cooking the books”. Sort of. They found a way to cheat the EPA’s emissions test, so that when their TDI (Turbocharged Diesel Engine) cars are tested, a chip kicks in and, to put it technically, it passes the test. 885 more words