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Pumpkin with chickpeas and bulgur

After cooking for the boys I realised I didn’t use my slow cooker that much apart from making these kind of meals. I was actually thinking about using it more often now that my job requires me to commute for a longer period of time. 277 more words

Clean Eating


Poor little parsnips. I feel like they get the shaft when it comes to using them in recipes.
I’ve used them in stew before and we all loved it, so I figured why not try it as a mash. 147 more words

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Happy and Healthy Holiday Challenge

I spent the fall participating on my Back On Track Challenge. Now with six weeks until 2016 (WTF?!?!?), I am beginning my next six week challenge. 697 more words


The Whole Story on Whole Grains

On average, Americans eat fewer than one serving of whole grains per day and far too many refined grains. The problem may be that many of us don’t know what constitutes a “whole grain.” Here’s a good place to start: Eating whole grains in their natural state is generally better than getting your quota from grain-based products like bread or pasta, even when these products are made from whole grain or whole-wheat flour (i.e., refined grains). 1,104 more words

Clean Eating


We have been super into brussel sprouts this year and my go to brussel sprout recipes usually have bacon in it, because, BACON!! I wanted to do something a little different this time, especially for people who are looking for a meatless dish and this mixture just kind of landed in my lap. 196 more words

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means my face will soon be planted into my dish of Thanksgiving goodness!
I’ve seen and done probably every method there is; deep fry, roasting, BBQ…(I’m actually not sure if there is any other way other than those 3!!) Anyway, this year I had the privilege to guest blog over on whole30’s instagram, which meant I HAD to come up with the perfect turkey. 433 more words

Eating Healthy

8 Health Tips for Tackling Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.. A time to be grateful and to celebrate all that we have. It seems to just be a part of our culture that family time/ celebrations and food go hand-in-hand. 825 more words