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Apple Pie Popcorn Crumble

I love popcorn, but I love a healthy apple pie filling even more, so why not combine the two and create an Apple Crumble? I have had this idea for ages and can’t believe that I haven’t created it any earlier. 197 more words


Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad is the perfect side dish next to a chicken breast, or other cooked meat.  It’s filling, but light enough to complete a dinner.  I love the taste of fresh basil, just love it!   321 more words


Sams oaty coconut cookies

After posting a pic of these oaty coconut cookies on Instagram we got lots of requests for the recipe, so I thought I would share it here. 221 more words

EAT Better

A Black Bean Burger That Meat Eaters Will Enjoy!

Cheeseburgers are one of my favorite foods so naturally I am a bit picky when it comes to choosing the right one. I grill a lot of my burgers at home and find them more enjoyable than most restaurants (just patting myself on the back for that one). 292 more words


Wake Up with Determination!

I get asked a lot about my routine. Where do I find my motivation? How do I do what I do every single day? My response: I have a schedule & a daily list of goals. 368 more words

Clean Eating

Week 4 - Wednesday...Diligence

Well, It’s been 2 days since I complained like a winey baby about PMSing. On Monday, I was sure I was going to go home and eat something cheesy, salty, and fatty, then follow it with dessert and wine. 234 more words


Too Heavy To Carry

We are moving again. We have moved, as a couple, no less than five times in ten years. We used to be really good at this. 1,049 more words

Clean Eating