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bai drinks !

 I was walking one day through whole foods and was offered this drink at a sample stand. Skeptical to try it – since I know most juices are filled with sugar, I gave it a go. 79 more words

Clean Eating

Beautiful veg

I am a big, big fan of vegetables and the whole eat a rainbow thing, just look at the colour of these amazing sweet potatoes. 71 more words

Week 3 Day 1

We made it to week three! This week’s goal, post a new picture every day this week. Shouldn’t be to difficult but I don’t take pictures offten. 98 more words


Avocado Cream

Administrative news, this (supposed to be) diary-free girl gets really darn sick of fake dairy. OK Tofutti I do love you, but you aren’t really… 309 more words

Detox Water (Healthy + Beauty)

Detox water is great for health and beauty. It’s healthy and organic. However, there is also people commenting that detox water is not recommend for everyone.

40 more words
Clean Eating

My Story

We all start somewhere, and in order to help you understand why I am completely obsessed with holistic nutrition I have to explain where I started. 714 more words