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Natural Oven Cleaner: Baking Soda and Vinegar

For weeks a particular promoted Facebook post kept appearing in my newsfeed.  At first I ignored it, but once I had made my 2015 New Year’s resolution to try a new thing a day, I thought maybe I should click on it in case it was something I should add to my list.  306 more words

A New Thing A Day

Day 1

Hey GFrees!

I’m so excited. I have a (gluten free) kitchen all to myself for 3 whole weeks!

I made spicy moong dal or MUG as us Gujarati’s call it. 40 more words


Green up act!

Have you ever wished you were a witch or a genie?  One blink…and voila! A sparkling clean house smelling of daisies! 

Ok, so there’s no escaping. 736 more words


cluttered kitchen -- annoying! but is it also fat provoking?

“Your messy kitchen could be more of a problem than you think. It may be causing you to overeat. A Cornell University study showed that participants in a cluttered kitchen snacked on twice as many calories as people in a more orderly one, often reaching for sweets instead of healthier offerings such as carrots. 420 more words


4 Basic Steps to a Clean Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the hardest rooms to keep clean (I see you as well bathroom). It is the top 3 most lived in room of the house and it attracts the dirt. 820 more words



I am a food fanatic.

I love food. Not just any food, but quality food, nutritious food, elegant food, tasty food, exotic food. I truly enjoy food: shopping for it, cooking and creating it, eating it, serving it.I love checking out new restaurants. 872 more words


“Excuse the Wreck. We live Here.”

There is something you can never realize. How, the hell, can a house look so ideal and be so clean when you can find people currently living in it? 286 more words