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I Detest Cleaning

January 11, 2018

Hey Everyone,

Growing up the house that I grew in was deplorable. Plain and simple. My step-dad had a large dog, German Shephard that shed all year long, he smoked inside the house, leaving cigarette butts everywhere, food wasn’t left out to mold because us kids would eat it too fast for it to go to waste. 531 more words

Time Management

Sparkling Kitchen

How to clean your kitchen

You already know how you say? Can’t teach an old dog a new trick? Maybe, but let’s see what you think of these tips. 387 more words

And then I was back.

Yes, it is true, I am back and here to stay. 2017 has been a kicker. This year has pretty much kicked my butt down a never ending hill in a crap fest. 311 more words

Kitchen Day! ... see how I do it!

So Thursday is kitchen day on The Organised Mum Method! Want to see how I tackle it? Watch the vid 😃 👇

Gemma Bray

Cookware cleaning

Step aside dishtowel. There’s better cleaning tools for the kitchen.

It might be easier to throw everything into the dishwasher, but not every kitchen tool is dishwasher safe. 415 more words


Meal Prepping

Hey Everyone,

In the beginning of this journey, I didn’t think that it was important about what I ate because I was exercising more often than I had been. 548 more words

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