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Cleaning Day: Clean Your Kitchen in 30 Minutes

Last week, it took me 2 hours to clean my kitchen! I didn’t mean to spend that much time on it, but one thing lead to another and before I knew it, I was scrubbing and soaking EVERYTHING! 585 more words

Clean House

3 Simple Rules For A Functional & Efficient Kitchen

I am all for finding easier ways to do things and where the kitchen is concerned, I learnt that I initially failed to create a functional kitchen for 1 main reason: 1,256 more words


Natural Oven Cleaner: Baking Soda and Vinegar

For weeks a particular promoted Facebook post kept appearing in my newsfeed.  At first I ignored it, but once I had made my 2015 New Year’s resolution to try a new thing a day, I thought maybe I should click on it in case it was something I should add to my list.  306 more words

A New Thing A Day

Day 1

Hey GFrees!

I’m so excited. I have a (gluten free) kitchen all to myself for 3 whole weeks!

I made spicy moong dal or MUG as us Gujarati’s call it. 40 more words


Green up act!

Have you ever wished you were a witch or a genie?  One blink…and voila! A sparkling clean house smelling of daisies! 

Ok, so there’s no escaping. 736 more words


cluttered kitchen -- annoying! but is it also fat provoking?

“Your messy kitchen could be more of a problem than you think. It may be causing you to overeat. A Cornell University study showed that participants in a cluttered kitchen snacked on twice as many calories as people in a more orderly one, often reaching for sweets instead of healthier offerings such as carrots. 420 more words



I am a food fanatic.

I love food. Not just any food, but quality food, nutritious food, elegant food, tasty food, exotic food. I truly enjoy food: shopping for it, cooking and creating it, eating it, serving it.I love checking out new restaurants. 872 more words