Leaving Your Routine… Or When a New Product Trial Goes Awry

Guys.  I’ve missed you.  I feel like we’re strangers.

Ok, who am I kidding… I took two days off of blogging to make sure that Ray & I will one day have a place to get married.  Contract negotiations.  Trust me, I’d much rather be blogging.  But, I’m comfortable with where we’re sitting now… so I’m BACK and better than ever! 208 more words


Freeman Facial Mask Review

Hello my loves! <3

Hope you’re all having a great week so far.  If you follow me on instagram, (body_by_ashley) you know I wanted to do a review on the Freeman Facial Mask I recently purchased.  316 more words


Skin Naturalé

I could sit and chat with Lynn Ross all day. Her sense of humour is infectious and her genuine passion for creating a natural and organic skincare range is refreshing. 572 more words

Acne Tips, Tricks, And Advice To Get Back Your Clear Skin

Research the treatments and tricks available to fight acne and try different techniques in order to find what works best for you. Don’t let acne take over your life. 486 more words

Acne Cures

Hello Bright Eyes!!

Okay, so the first thing I look at when I meet someone is their eyes. I believe eyes are the door to who we are. And it just so happens I love the color of my eyes– BLUE! 362 more words

DIY Natural Face Cleanser

When I first got into making my own products, I came across this recipe and I loved it for a few reasons — it had only three ingredients, it did not require a large investment on my end with product to make this and lastly, it works! 103 more words

Beauty &amp; Body Products

How to Clean Your Skin

Cleaning your skin is an important part of a daily routine. So how do you know you’re doing it right? Simple! Follow these steps for bright, clean skin. 142 more words