How Soap Works

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the concept of using soap is the fact that soap does NOT kill bacteria or viruses.  (Unless, of course, it’s antibacterial soap which is fodder for an entire separate post.)  Can you guess what soap actually does? 313 more words


Going to see Lisa Franklin The Facialist

What a lovely time I had yesterday. I was looked after by Lise Franklin, the very respected facialist. I am not sure what I was expecting when I arrived at her clinic in Knightsbridge. 88 more words


Ramblings On Clean Skin

Glowing and soft skin are signs of health, inside and out. What you consume dramatically effects your skin and its health. When I stopped eating processed foods, foods high in sodium, especially chips, and cut back on breads, grains, and sugar, my total health increased, including the health of my skin. 459 more words


Shea Terra African Black Soap Review

Guys, obsessed. Just introducing myself. I’m obsessed. Shea Terra Organics is so terribly lovely; everything I’ve tried has been wonderful. Other people agree. <This actually links to a review of the… 579 more words

Uncle Harry's Instant Clay MASK BAR!

Hey Guys! So I’m not even gonna try to hide it, I’m just going to throw it straight out there: I have an addiction to face masks. 439 more words


TonyMoly I'M REAL Facial Mask Sheets

Hey Guys! I came across these mask sheets by TonyMoly when I was doing a little Urban Outfitters splurge recently. They are available in 11 different options and each option has a specific purpose/targets a certain skin treatment.  207 more words


Review: SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes

As a woman, there are two things in life which always gives me the feeling of  liberating satisfaction: taking off your bra after a super long day, and removing the inch worth of make up on my face after said day. 778 more words