Trials and Tribulations of a Face Scrub

   I began working out the formula for a coffee, aloe, sugar facial scrub.  This first batch is a bit too runny.  I’d prefer a thicker consistency.   154 more words


#1 Remedy for Younger Skin!

Have you looked in the mirror lately and thought to yourself, “Oh hell no!  When did this happen?”

No?  Is it just me?

The sun spots and puffiness seems to be mocking me these days, never mind the laugh lines!  528 more words

Gluten Free

5 Skincare Rules

In order to get the best out of your products and not stress too much about what ingredients you are using, follow these five simple steps to get your skin going… and glowing: … 274 more words

Clean Skin

Hyper Wing

Hello! I’ve created a super graphic, extremely bold eyeliner today! It was pretty time consuming and both eyes were really uneven, so I only took photos of one side :P Also, unruly eyebrows, just cause I couldn’t be bothered hehe. 26 more words


What is HIIT

Are you working out for some time but feel like you are not getting anywhere, have you plateaued and not sure why? The quantity of energy expended when working out, or intensity, could play an important part in whether you are reaching your fitness and weight reduction goals, you see in order to drop weight or build muscle the body has to work past exhaustion which most people do not do. 797 more words

Brazilian Hair


Oils are an awesome way to give your skin essential fatty acids. ◻️ However, some oils block pores and lead to break outs so follow the comedogenic rating guide➡️ 0= noncomedogenic (zero blockage), 5= highly comedogenic (total blockage). 114 more words

Clean Skin

SKIN LAUNDRY -Now in London

🔦⚪️🔦SKIN LAUNDRY🔦⚪️🔦 @skinlaundry ✌🏼️➡️ I had the awesome chance to try out Skin Laundry in LA – this 15min facial cleanses your face by the use of advanced YAG laser & IPL light technology. 48 more words