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So my blog posts are becoming like a weekly-thing… Tsk Tsk…

Today, let’s chat about summer! Who doesn’t love it? Sunshine, grass, short skirts and flowery dresses! 747 more words


Take. It. Off!!

Hi there! :)

So today we are going to be talking about the most important step of learning make up… Removing it!

I am sure you all must have heard it a million times that every night, before you go to bed, you must make sure that there’s no make up residue on your face. 498 more words

Make Up

When The Line Has Been Crossed?

Following from my previous post “Striving for Beauty”, I become more and more aware of what I am applying on my body. Showering and personal cleanliness become a big business all over the world. 1,154 more words


Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Just a quickie about this little guy here I just got.
Simply to apply on clean skin with visible open pores.
It doesn’t block them, it just makes the skin look really smooth. 37 more words

Beauty And Care

The pre-pre of the pre!

Shiseido is the pioneer in skincare. Reading through materials in preparation for a job interview, I have found out that this brand still sells its serum that was created at the beginning of the 20th century. 409 more words


One less step for womenkind #GarnierSensitive

I have been have been wearing cosmetics since high school…

I have also tried numerous products to remove my makeup and clean my skin.

Having a Make-Up Artistry background, I am familiar with skincare and the use of some pretty resilient make-up. 161 more words

Raincity Parent


Mrs Judith Wortor from America shared this encouraging testimony about the amazing benefits of ‘Water Therapy’ in practically all departments of her health!

“Good morning! Good morning to my healthy living! 184 more words

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