TonyMoly I'M REAL Facial Mask Sheets

Hey Guys! I came across these mask sheets by TonyMoly when I was doing a little Urban Outfitters splurge recently. They are available in 11 different options and each option has a specific purpose/targets a certain skin treatment.  207 more words


Review: SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes

As a woman, there are two things in life which always gives me the feeling of  liberating satisfaction: taking off your bra after a super long day, and removing the inch worth of make up on my face after said day. 778 more words


Inflight Skincare

I’m a very frequent flyer, so I know travel is tough on your skin. The recycled really air and altitude drys you out and stresses your skin.   248 more words


Going Makeup Free? But It's My Warpaint.

It’s no secret.  I love makeup.  I love buying new products and I love trying out new looks.

During the week I tend not to wear makeup because I know that by the end of the day there would be none left where it should be.   296 more words


Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth

The Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth is another great product made by the Norwex company. This small 20cm x 20 cm cloth is a fantastic alternative to removing makeup as opposed to rubbing chemicals and foreign substances on your face. 233 more words


Dermalogica Product Review

Dermalogica has been around since 1986 and today it is a brand that is synonymous with great skin and of course, the face mapping offering which analyses your skin and recommends the products you should be using.  425 more words


Benefits of Drinking Water


Water helps your body to release toxins. Toxins can be released through your urine, bowel movements and skin. I’m currently doing a challenge where I’m getting in the habit of drinking more water to lose weight some weight. 495 more words

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