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Mondays Poem-Moi

A great way to kick off my week! My poem Clean Up In Aisle Four (previously published in my Chapbook with the same title, in May 2014) was published this morning on the… 12 more words

Shut the internets - We have our winners

The delightful bspencer at Lawyers, Guns & Money:

This is what happens when you have a tiger by the tail, but you made the tiger.

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Clean Up In Aisle Four

Gop will eat itself

I do love me some birthers – Ted Cruz birthers, that is.

What does that say about the list the authors put before you as “cleared for take off?” Both Jindal and Haley’s parents were Indian citizens and the Indian constitution makes their children citizens of India by BIRTH!

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Monkeys Flinging Poo

In which Rick Santorum is both floridly insulted and attacked by a rodent

The seemingly endless transition from one Mitt-free alternative to another, and the increasing perception that the great dealmaker can’t close this deal, must be causing some epic hissy fits and the odd bit of alcohol abuse at Romney HQ. 561 more words

Clown Cars

The Ayn Rand Experience

Did I ever tell you, my dears, about the time that Ayn Rand lost her shirt to the mafia?

I suspect not. Now, let me see. 1,928 more words

Clean Up In Aisle Four

Bailin' Palin (or Why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was cancelled)

Those of you who have been reading my little posts for a while will know that I do everything I can to avoid coming into direct contact with Sarah Palin ever since I was a judge on the… 1,345 more words

Clean Up In Aisle Four