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Be Cautious When Doing Water Damage Repair

We all know that the absolute most cataclysmic things that can happen to a man is flooding and water harm to your living range. The reason behind this is water just demolishes things, and things typically must be supplanted rather than repaired. 211 more words

Clean Up

Winter Pet Damage Repair Tips

Spring is here in Saskatoon. As a pet owner, I semi dread this time of year because I know no matter how much preventative measures I take there will always be some damage to my yard. 394 more words


Closet Organization

When you have more tops in your wardrobe than the number of contacts in your phone, you know it’s a sign to clean out that closet! 433 more words

Little Black Book

Dirty Me

My daughter reminded me recently about how my husband cleaned.  He never cleaned as he went, so when he cooked, he cleaned.  He’d let his workshop get so cluttered  there was no room to work and then he’d clean for an entire day.  160 more words

Life Happens

The original campsite rule

(Tatsu tori ato wo nigosazu; “The bird taking flight doesn’t muddy its tracks”)


When you leave a place, don’t leave it a mess – leave it at least as pristine as the condition you found it in. 208 more words


Cleaning Up

I’ve had a ‘cleaning up’ kind of month. Usually when speaking of clean ups, one thinks of Spring, but Autumn is definitely clean up time in the garden. 476 more words