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Out of whack feng shui

I used to not give much credence to the idea of feng shui…used to tell myself and others that I thrived in chaos and that my organizational system (or lack thereof) worked for me and creative genius needs to flourish and don’t judge me by my mess…judge me by the finished product…and maybe I truly believed it or maybe I was just a little bit lazy (probably a combo of both). 308 more words

Writer's Thoughts

Husky Clean Up.

Students, Faculty and staff come together in order to help clean up the environment around St. Cloud State Universities campus for the annual husky clean up. 27 more words


2,000-year-old Rome pyramid getting visibility after cleanup

Rome’s only surviving pyramid from ancient times is getting fresh visibility.

After a Japanese clothing magnate paid for a cleanup, archaeologists are eager to show off the monument, constructed around 2,000 years ago as the burial tomb for a Roman praetor, or magistrate, named Caius Cestius. 84 more words

Towkio ft. Chance the Rapper | "Clean Up" (Visuals)

Towkio has delivered a set of fun-filled visuals for “Clean Up,” the second track off his latest project, .Wav Theory. The Savemoney general teams up with with fellow Chicagoans… 79 more words

Freshly Baked


Towkio’s ‘.Wav Theory‘ was truly a stand-out of 2015; the tape combined production from the Lido and Kaytranada alongside the SAVEMONEY affiliate himself, as well as bars from Vince Staples and Chance, The Rapper.   31 more words

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Murphy's Law And My Kitchen Floor

My kitchen floor seems to have a curse on it which causes me to spill something on it within 24 hours of it being cleaned. I’m not kidding when I say that this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, within a 24 hour window. 239 more words


A Plague of Plastic

On Sunday, Andy and I spent a good hour or so rifling through the bush in search of unwanted bounty.  The treasure we sought?  Plastic.  Lots and lots of plastic. 651 more words