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Clean up: spruce grove fence line, more progress, part two

After working my way through the first section, I realized the stuff I’d cleared away had hidden quite a bit.  So here are some before photos of the next section. 849 more words

Clean up: spruce grove fence line, more progress, part one

The chilly weather we’ve had for the past few days has really got me wanting to finish this fence line along the spruce grove!  As long as I can clear to the driveway gate before winter, anything else is gravy! 277 more words

Ever-Growing Garbage Yielded from Manila Bay

The problem of garbage and pollution is not new to us, Filipinos. The ever present pollution has always been recognized in the news or in school. 377 more words

Clean up Day, 15th of September, 2018, let's do it together :) !

“In 2018 – World Cleanup Day on September 15th

Much of 2018 will be devoted to preparations and execution of the World Cleanup Day. But we will also be very focused on awareness and debate about sustainable waste solutions worldwide. 94 more words


Say NO to Flooding, Bring Your Trash to Proper Binning

Ever wonder why flood occurs even with the littlest rain? Try to ask yourself that question. You might say, bakit ba bumabaha kahit ang salit lang ng ulan?” 584 more words

World Cleanup Day: how to get involved?

Have you heard of the World Cleanup Day? It is a civic movement which aims to gather everyone to clean the planet in one day. 442 more words

Zero Waste & Eco-friendly Tips