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I got a tattoo in a dark room (and caught a case of sarcasm)

It never ceases to amaze me at the depths of stupidity you can find on Facebook.

I’m sure all of you have stumbled across some random thing on Facebook that has made you stop and scratch your head.  346 more words

Tuesday 24 May 16 - Head not in the game

My Dad Died

I am lost. Wandering around a hollow void in my own head. Hearing noise, decrypting a little of the noise, creating a noise. 158 more words

Clean Choices with friends

Today me and my friends Britney from https://samevoice.wordpress.com/  and Grace from https://orcaaa.wordpress.com/  went for a little stroll on the Mad Academy grass and it was gross there was spoons everywhere from everyone’s breakfast this morning! 98 more words



No, we´re not about to talk about the overrated Kevin Costner flick, nor are we about to discuss the scarcity of water on the planet. We´re simply going to mention once, and never again, that you are crazy if you pay for water in Iceland.  181 more words