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5 steps on getting healthier

I have learned a lot about healthy life style and healthy eating, however some things I find hard to implement immediately. I also learned that strict schedules are not for me as well, because each time when I follow them, I fail. 568 more words


Miracle Cleaning Paste

I love Norwex Cleaning Paste. It’s a powerhouse, and people are calling it “elbow grease in a jar”! The Cleaning Paste can be used on almost everything, from soap scum in your bathtub, to grout on your tile flooring. 146 more words


Ladies, 10 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair; I found this so cool!

& it actually works!

  1. It’s a natural conditioner.

    Apple cider vinegar can function as a hair conditioner, in the same way as baking soda works as a natural shampoo!

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Ah, it is raining
Cleansing of gross, grimy snow
A most welcomed sign


New Webpage coming soon!

Hi you guys!

I know, I have not updated my blog for a while now… and I know I promised to update it more often.. 35 more words


2015-03-24 Tuesday: CF Games 15.4

Rx’d – AMRAP in 8 minutes:
• 3 HSPU, 3 cleans (185lb/125lb), 6 HSPU, 3 cleans, 9 HSPU, 3 cleans
• 12 HSPU, 6 cleans, 15 HSPU, 6 cleans, 18 HSPU, 6 cleans… 32 more words


Greens, Eggs, & Ham

We never thought that we would be the kind of people who craved a big plate of vegetables first thing in the morning. We both leaned towards sweet breakfast options, and began making the vegetable mix we use in this recipe as a filling for pitas at lunch, but we couldn’t get enough of this delicious and savoury combination. 256 more words