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I'm apologizing in advance

Today, I have nothing left over to scrape from, suck on, lick or otherwise ingest to alter my mood or mind. I am in detox mode as I type this and already feeling I’ve lost control of my emotions. 49 more words


Old People...

…can be a right royal pain in the ass. I know this because of previous experience and having attained the level of joining the nation’s old people. 1,146 more words

How To Clean Your Floors Like A Pro

Whether you have hardwood, laminate, carpet, concrete, or tile floors, you’ll want to know how to do the best job you can maintaining them. Here, we have a list for any floor type so you can easily read about how to clean and maintain your floors. 6 more words

Plants that Clean

Most people I talk to that have been through Elementary School science class remember that plants take CO2 and make oxygen, and even if they don’t remember that, they seem to have an understanding that the air in a forest is cleaner than the air in the city. 1,030 more words


Skinny Alfredo with Spiced Chicken Strips Lunchbox

More from my lunchbox series. These past 2 weeks, I’ve been eating out most of the time and my carbonara craving has been strong. So I’ve opted to make a skinny Alfredo ; which means instead of using heavy or double cream, I’ve substitute it with milk. 322 more words

Snickerdoodle Cookie Balls (Keto, Clean, Low carb)

Hi! Happy Sunday!

This is my final week of doing keto. What does this mean? Currently, less than 10% of my diet is currently carbs (it’s almost impossible for me to do NO carbs) and a huge portion of my diet is healthy fat & protein.   318 more words

Weightlifting August 29th, 31st, September 3rd


  1. Snatch Doubles x 8 working sets (80-85)

2. Snatch singles x 8 singles – end with max for the day


  1. Clean and jerk: 2 + 1 x 8 working sets (80-85)
  2. 34 more words