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Fall's First Chore

We started on the first of our fall chores this weekend by tackling the windows. (See Cleaning up for Fall) It’s truly a chore because you just can’t wash the windows. 245 more words

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Cleaning Up for Fall

I hope I’m not alone in this, but I don’t like housework. The only good chore is one that is done.

Getting things done isn’t that simple for me. 161 more words

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Running a good restaurant requires practice of good hygiene and clean surroundings. This is the aspect of every restaurant that has both the power to drive customers away incredibly easily and bring them in by the crowd at the same time.

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The overall impression of an establishment relates to its cleanliness. Thus, Housekeeping plays a crucial role in providing a good name and image to the company, and contributes to the continuous patronage of customers, most especially for hotels, hospitals, resorts, etc.

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Food Safety

Periodic cleaning and sanitation, which includes disinfection of premises and equipment, is an  integral part of Good Hygienic Practice (GHP). GHP is essentially principles of food hygiene  applicable throughout the food chain (including primary production through to the final  consumer), to achieve the goal of ensuring that food is safe and suitable for human… 217 more words

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Commercial Laundry

Commercial, institutional and industrial (CII) laundry facilities clean large quantities of fabrics in a wide range of varieties and uses.  Some are on-site facilities dedicated to washing fabrics used at the location; these are often referred to as an On Premises Laundry (OPL).

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