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Orange Cleaner Revisited Again

I reported some results from the one of the orange cleaners I made about four weeks ago in this post. The recipes for each cleaner are… 111 more words

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Make your Own Cleaning Solutions Ver. 2.0!

Did you have fun making your own cleaning solutions as suggested by the previous article you have read? I’m pretty sure you have or else you wouldn’t even bother reading this one. 323 more words

Do-it-Yourself Cleaning Tools Ver. 2.0

Can’t get enough of inventing your own cleaning tools? I’m pretty sure you’ve come back for more fun and productive guides on how to make your own tools at home. 309 more words


Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions!

I believe most women (and some men) would agree with me when I say that house keeping certainly is a tough job. There is a whole lot of things to deal with from doing laundry, sweeping floors, cleaning windows, and so on and so forth. 298 more words

Homemade Cleaning Products!

Don’t you just hate it when you suddenly run out of cleaning spray? Running down to the convenience store in the nick of time is not convenient at all. 292 more words

Orange Cleaners Revisited

A little over three weeks ago, I started making orange cleaners. I did two types and you can find the recipes here. They are done, and now it’s time to test them. 181 more words

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Little Steps, Big Changes

Starting something new is overwhelming. Have you ever tried to read something that is a new subject and it seemed like it was written in Klingon? 447 more words

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