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Buy The Best Disinfectant For Dog Kennels Right Away

Do you perform regular cleaning of your dog’s kennel? Do you know that keeping your dog’s kennel clean can prevent him from countless illnesses? If you have been a bit careless about maintaining the cleanliness of your dog’s kennel, know that you are making a big mistake. 186 more words

Best Disinfectant For Dog Kennels

Fresh and Clean Laundry

There is nothing more unpleasant than the musky smell of laundry! That wet towel that was left in the hamper for days, or that stinky gym outfit that you cannot get rid of the sweaty smell. 476 more words

Cleaning Solutions

3 Simple Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Making your own multi-purpose cleaner is soooo easy and cost effective. You don’t need much to make a powerful cleaner without using chemical loaded products. Simple, cheap, and natural ingredients is all you need! 1,181 more words

Cleaning Solutions

3 Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Solutions

Everyone wants a clean home, but there shouldn’t have to be a environmental cost to live in comfort. Traditional products used to keep bathrooms and kitchens spotless are effective, but they also feature a litany of chemicals and materials that are harmful to the environment and sometimes even your health. 619 more words

Green Living

How to Fix a Wobbly Chair

One thing the holidays do is let you know just what things in your house need some TLC.

Like forks. 

We simply do not know what happens to the forks and spoons in our house Lately it has been impossible to set a proper table for all five of us, let alone guest. 249 more words


Cleaning Up Here and Overseas

V.I.P. Soap Products (V.I.P.) have been cleaning up in the all-natural cleaning solutions market since 1951, and with consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, the company is now set to expand to meet both local and international demand. 331 more words


DIY - Nine Cleaners from Everyday Household Stuff

Every home owner has been blinded by the shiny TV and magazine ads of various cleaning detergents and chemicals that promise quick and fantastic results. And still, we often forget that nature has always been the best alternative for home cleaning and maintenance that can be perfectly done without using any toxic ingredients and threatening the health of your family members. 621 more words

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