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11 Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions That Work

DIY Scrubbing Cleanser

Make your own gentle scrubbing cleanser that’s eco-friendly and saves you money using only 3 ingredients.


1/4 cup baking soda

1 tablespoon dish/liquid detergent… 817 more words


DIY Liquid Hand Soap

I thought I had a big bottle of liquid soap to refill my dispensers. I knew just where it was, only it wasn’t there. Its location remains a mystery. 129 more words

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Try These Methods To Remove Permanent Marker From Dry Erase Boards

Having someone use permanent marker on your dry erase board can be irritating as you’ll wonder if you can ever remove the markings. Fret no more, as it is possible to remove those markings with widely available products if you use these simple steps outlined below. 316 more words


No, Really? No Poo

Homemade products can be described in many ways:

Wishful thinking
Suitable or adequate
Cheaper in most circumstances
Able to address specific problems

I can’t believe this one worked! 481 more words

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The Dreaded Dusting Chore

Do you ever wonder what’s in dust? Do you care? I looked it up and common, household dust contains more than just dirt. I really don’t want to know any more details about the  dander, fibers and meteorite particles covering my furniture. 426 more words

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The BEST bathroom cleaner of all time!

I’ve been on a mission to green my house cleaning routine for years, but I always relapse because those homemade cleaners just never seem to work as well as the toxic commercial stuff of old. 385 more words


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