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You Can Always Be Better

Hello Saturday! We have almost nothing scheduled. The Hub’s and his buddies played their turkey bowl today. I normally like to go and watch and see the guys but I decided to be more responsible and stay home and clean. 576 more words


Year End Clearing - Visiblly Small Thing, Big Deal Energetically

I know that end of the year in US isn’t about cleaning and clearing. Where I grew up in Japan, it’s about cleaning and clearing. It’s almost December, so today’s topic is about clearing. 929 more words


A Tidy House, A Tidy Mind

Okay, so this isn’t my home, but I had a real good clear out today.  Two  rooms in the house have been slightly neglected in the cleaning department since writing my books. 95 more words



Wake up to the morning rays,
It’s been many weeks not days,
You’re here to say your prayers,
Do what you want and disregard the nay-sayers.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Yesterday, my goal was to finish my NaNoWriMo. I had 9,655 words left, which an astronomical feat for one day, but I had to do it. 495 more words