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I've been on a cleaning spree

I’m a horrible pack rat- one of my biggest fears is something pushing me over the edge and becoming a hoarder. I already have the “what if I need this one time in the future?” anxiety around getting rid of things. 122 more words

Clean House Challenge: Day 10 — Purge, Clean, Organize Kitchen Cupboards | #housekeeping #organization #cleanhousechallenge

Yesterday, when I started working on the kitchen drawers, I realized I’d need some organization helpers. So after the gym this morning, I stopped by the dollar store in the same shopping center and picked up several different types of organizers. 186 more words


Life Hacks

I know this is random but these are some great tips. Yep, sometimes I get a bit giddy over things that make life a little easier. 13 more words


Sanitizer spray bottle

Sanitizer in a spray bottle –  utilizing a spray bottle filled with your favorite sanitizer is one of the easiest and most efficient methods to quickly sanitize small parts. 75 more words


Stealing from Our Grandmothers: Notions on How to Manage a Home

I wasn’t raised with a mother to teach me how to clean. I had neighbors, some family, camp counselors, and teachers all giving me advice: almost always making inaccurate presumptions about my abilities or attitudes. 1,882 more words


Creating a NonToxic Home

Did you know a study was recently released that linked national brand cleaners with lung damage?  It’s true! Using the conventional cleaners as little as once a week was like smoking a pack a day of cigarettes for 20 years! 314 more words