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How an expert cleaner can help you out in home cleaning?

Who does not want to live in a house which is properly clean? A tidy and organized home is always preferable. Therefore, a proper home cleaning a.k.a hjemmerengjøring is necessary. 379 more words


The Great Decluttering

Behold! Below is only one of the container towers in my room, filled with stuff that may or may not be relevant.

I live with a family member, and all my stuff that I have accumulated since 2007 is here with me in this room. 297 more words


Glass Range Cleaning Hack

I’ve seen this “hack” shared a few times on social media, so I figured I’d give it a go. I usually make a paste of baking soda and dish soap and apply it to any cooked-on spots as needed on my range. 363 more words

Men Clean Floors Too

That’s right, men clean floors too, gender stereotypes be damned. But since I am cleaning floors, I am going to clean floors the Phillnance way, hence this post. 668 more words

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Joy of the day

Today I decided my joy of today would be a clean home. I focused on cleaning the kitchen. It was so satisfying to get the magic eraser out and get my kitchen looking like when I first moved in(except the drip pans). 18 more words


7 Amazing Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Drink UP!

Adding ACV to your water bottle can hep encorage weight loss thanks to its acetic acid, maintain your body’s alkaline pH level, help detox your liver and even helps reduce heartburn. 117 more words

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Spark Joy! Who's ready to clean out their closet?

I recently heard that the amount of storage units being built in the United States is on the rise. So… there are homeless people who are wrapped up in cardboard boxes trying to stay warm, but we’re building storage units for our overflowing stuff? 486 more words