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Cleaning Burned Food off a Pan

If you’re like me, there is on VERY RARE OCCASION (that’s sarcasm…) a time when I will burn food onto the bottom of my pans. Whooooooops. 241 more words


Introduction to Gunsmithing

If you have guns, it is wise to have some basic gunsmithing knowledge and tools.  At the very least, you want to be able to maintain your firearms; it would be even better if you could make minor modifications and basic repairs without having to run to a possibly expensive or overworked professional. 11 more words

Emergency Preparedness


Clutter.  Uh… The story of my life.  Piles of books, mail, test papers, receipts…. Oh my! Sometimes it seems like they are closing in on you. 373 more words

Home Life

Cleaning day

Today is Turtle and I s cleaning day. I mean we clean up during the week but Saturdays we clean everything, in and out and upside down. 107 more words