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Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

Fire damage is one of the most challenging situations that a property owner has to face and manage. After a fire, your home perhaps needs urgent and detailed repair. 447 more words

Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning - A Must for Hygienic and Illness Free Working Environment

According to a recent report by the Office for National Statistics, employees in the UK took an average of 4.1 days off work due to illness in the year 2017. 353 more words


Is Your Cleaning Company Saving You Time?

A day at the shop full of customers and finally at the time of closing, you have to take care of a number of things. The daily cleaning requirements include floor cleaning, trash removal, bathroom cleaning and various another thing. 369 more words


Me verses the stench: a trial in towels

In my old age, I have become highly sensitive to smells.  As in, I absolutely cannot STAND gross smells.

For example, if I touch anything metal, like coins or keys, I have to wash my hands because the smell residue will drive me out of my mind.   392 more words


To Instapot or Not

I have been using a pressure cooker for almost as long as I can remember.  The one I have, I believe was my grandmother’s.  I have replaced the seal on it a few times and it is just as good as it was when she used it!   655 more words


Day Thirteen -Great Release Program - Thursday - 13 December 2018 - Silver RavenWolf

Day Thirteen- of 2018 Great Release Program – 13 December – Thursday
By Silver RavenWolf

On Saturday you will be half-way through the program!!!  Whoot!  Whoot!  694 more words

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I went down to my sister’s and stayed the night and had a Thanksgiving lunch with her and my Dad and his wife, and then I stayed the night with my best friend (aka, my wifey) and we hung out on Black Friday. 361 more words

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