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Declutter -3

I am trying to do deep cleaning since Fall is officially here as is the cold! As I mentioned in my previous posts, that means getting winter gear out and starting baking regularly! 244 more words

Declutter Challenge

Worldview and Stewardship, KonMari-Style

Raise your hand if you’re bothered by the amount of clutter in your house.

I think that’s most of us. We have so much more stuff than we need and even more than 801 more words


Makeup 101: Keeping it Fresh

Have you ever noticed a little symbol on the back of all your makeup products or wondered why your makeup suddenly isn’t working as well as it used to? 558 more words

Application Techniques

Squeaky Clean Brushes

We are all guilty of sometimes using dirty brushes to do our makeup. Even I struggle to keep in the habit of cleaning my brushes if I have had a busy work schedule. 700 more words