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Therefore, it's important to use valuable space for storage. Under bed storage boxes will ensure you don't waste the space under your mattress Storage cubes can double as bedside tables Desk caddies are perfect for storing pens and other desktop items Stackable storage bins can be arranged around your room to create more storage. 1,120 more words

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Factors Which Affect Commercial Cleaning

Pro tip: Ceiling fan blades are notorious for raining down dust. To minimize the collateral damage, slip an old pillow case over each blade and wipe away from the center of the fixture using the inside of the pillow case’s top layer. 1,110 more words

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Some Standard Principles Of Commercial Cleaning

Next time you're throwing your old one out, pop it into your cleaning kit instead. It will definitely come in handy. 1,163 more words

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The previous residents should have sanitized the bathroom before moving out, but it’s still recommendable to give it a good cleaning in order to ensure your peace of mind (the bathroom is one of the most germ-filled places in the house). 1,152 more words

How Experts Take Care Of Your Leather sofa?

What should you do if you notice that your leather sofa is fully covered with spots, spills and stains like smashed chocolates, cakes, pastries, wines and more just after the Christmas party? 432 more words

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Back in summer I saw an advert for Smol laundry capsules on Instagram and thought I would sign up to the free trial. 344 more words


I'm not crazy.

It’s 3am and I am folding socks because I am on a mission. I have to get up in three hours and have another full day, so as you can tell, it’s business as usual chez Gloria. 177 more words