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Nesting or Nesting?

Okay so I feel a lot calmer now and maybe a bit more relaxed knowing that I finally have my hospital bag ready along with all the other 20 odd things that were on my on my to do lists. 534 more words


House Proud & DIY

Yes, I am in my 20’s and no this isn’t a joke, I am house proud. Now this does not mean by any means that my home is perfect. 309 more words

A Wanna Be Adult

100+ Year Old Terrazzo Hallway Rejuvenated in Dudley

This post follows on from the Victorian Tiled floor article I published earlier, if you recall I was asked to restore a Victorian Tiled Hallway at a house in Dudley and there was a section that was Terrazzo, so I thought it would make sense to write about this separately as the cleaning method is different. 33 more words

Work History

Found in My Couch Cushions

An archeological dig in the couch cushions.

Here’s the find-

An crocheted antimacassar from the couch back, (decorative not functional). DPNs (double pointed knitting needles), a square of Origami paper, two sizes of paper clips, two… 62 more words


small steps

Watching this video reminded me of something I have been working on all holidays; taking small steps.

In the end, it’s not how much time you have, or how great your project framework or idea. 670 more words


Week Three

Welcome back! Did you forget about me? I didn’t forget about you. Or this project, though admittedly it’s been challenging. Don’t worry, I won’t regale you with a log of what got thrown away again this week (there are so many times you guys can read the words packaging, receipts, more packaging without trying to suffocate me in all of the discarded packaging I should’ve thrown away a long time ago), so I will leave it by saying I am making a dent in my clutter kingdom, slowly but surely. 306 more words