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How Safe Are Your Birds?

You would think that your birds would be fairly safe. After all they are in  a cage most of the time so what can hurt them? 447 more words



Just stepped into a blog post…

Hours since last post… Emptying, vacuuming, knocking giant cockroach casings lose from corners…

Sounds productive, but sidetracked a couple of times… 75 more words

Checking In

Clearing out the clutter

I hate clutter. It sneaks up on you. Today I did some ‘spring’ cleaning in my kitchen. My kitchen corner cupboards were full of plastic margarine containers, ice cream containers, missing bottoms and missing lids, and dozens of other containers I just didn’t need. 519 more words


Does cleaning relive stress?

I don’t want to pigeon hole all women and say they all do this because they probably don’t, but there’s something I’ve noticed living with a few women, and that is we get more pro-active with the cleaning duties when stress accrues particularly when its man based stress. 197 more words