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Counter Cleaner

  • 5-8 drops Wild Orange.
  • 8-10 oz Water

Spray kitchen counters, table, bath tub, etc. with mixture

Clean Your Home Using Only Items From Your Kitchen

Everyone loves a clean house but not everyone loves cleaning house. By using items that you already have in your kitchen, you’re not only one step closer to being done, but you have one less trip to the store. 356 more words

Apartments 101

DIY Cleaners

I suspect DIYing and being/going natural is part of my DNA. My parents weren’t hippies per se but have a lot of the “natural, granola, be out in nature” type thinking and way of life associated with hippies. 788 more words

Life Skills

Tackle Spring Cleaning Like An Expert

Well, I’m not a cleaning professional. Just a girl raised in a family filled with clean freaks and who suffers from a moderate case of OCD. 693 more words


Wedding Bells and Techical Hells

THE SUN IS SHINING, THE BIRDS ARE SINGING, and I’m rescuing confused wasps left, right and centre. (Unlike nearly everyone else I know, I have a lot of love for a wasp. 1,545 more words