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Pouches I'll Die Without

If there are things I certainly cannot live without, that would be my two pouches. I put them both inside whatever bag I use ALL the  time. 951 more words



Not that my drawers would be all in order, but once in a while I do it anyway. I like to not to have a dust in my room, to have clean floor, clean kitchen, no dishes to wash. 999 more words



Yes, exactly that – how? Infact, not only how – when? where? why? These are all questions I continuously ask when it comes to the biggest fucking bain of my life – housework! 1,446 more words


Soap Free

About 18 months ago I started reading about healthy lifestyles and green living etc. and stumbled upon a blog by Rob Greenfield in which he brings up the subject of not using soap, and indeed not using personal care products at all, in a bid to cut down on the amount of chemicals that the body gets exposed too, known as… 390 more words


Toxic Load

Toxic load is a term used to describe the amount of toxins that you carry around in your system at any one time. It may sound quite scary to think about hundreds of different toxins being in you but the body does a remarkable job of dealing with these all by itself, mostly. 353 more words


Loving the Hot Towels

Several times on this trip we were given scented hot towels to wipe our hands and face. I never paid much attention to this in the past, but for some reason on this trip am realizing what a wonderful and enjoyable privilege this is, to wipe my hands, face, neck and arms clean with a warm and soft towel scented of lemons. Aaaaahhhhh.

Homeschoolers and the Question of PJ's

“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I’ll never know.”
~ Groucho Marx

Ever since I was little, my mom instilled in me the discipline of taking care of myself.

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