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Grandmas OLD things

Why do I love old things so much?
I think it's the grandma factor!
Who doesn't love grandma and her old things!
When I'd visit my grandmas house
I would love to look at all the  
old interesting things
in the china cabinet 
in kitchen cabinet 
on the kitchen table
on the coffee table
on the dining room table 
on her dresser 
in the bathroom
in the garage 
in the closets
in the tool shed
everything was so neat and clean and orderly and organized
everything had it's special place 
and that made it special
because of grandmas touch

Diana Tenes

Fun Fact Friday

  • Alexithymia describes a person who has a difficult time expressing their feelings to others.
  • Having a large amount of hair on your body is linked to having higher intelligence.
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A Routine for Your Mornings

Hello Readers!  I want to take a quick moment to fill you in on my grandmother’s surgery.  She is due for her followup today after her mastectomy this past Monday and we are praying for news that more treatment won’t be necessary.  1,550 more words

Household Management


When I was on my way back home from work, I had seen a woman throw a banana peel from a moving bus. I didn’t shout out at her or make a scene by taking the banana peel and throwing it back at her. 694 more words

Getting Clean...Naturally

Natural living – Outdoor Showering can be an excellent way of enjoying the summer weather in a secluded garden or naturist environment. You may think of an outdoor shower as belonging at a beach house, and while that’s certainly true,sand and salt aren’t the only things outdoor showers are good for. 393 more words

Nature & Wildlife

The Wizard - Soap Made Easy

Just push the button on the Wizard IV Soap Station and you are ready to use the Petra line of premium body wash, shampoo or hand soap. 138 more words


Living alone- The life of a bachelor

Thanks to the impact of churches like House on the rock and Daystar Christian centre, where cleanliness is literally wired consciously and unconsciously into the minds of parishioners, the constant use of their state of the art facilities has helped me to master the art of washing my hands after using the restroom. 82 more words

Word Of Faith