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An Abridged Guide to Little Boys

Here is a handy guide for moms of boys denoting little boys’ complex thought process regarding hygiene and cleanliness.

Situation 1: Is peeing all over the bathroom acceptable? 289 more words

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Can't clean trash with trash

This may sound silly, but people try to clean up their mind, heart, anxiety, conflicts with — trash! What the world gives you is trash, through its sin and temptation. 57 more words



If there’s one act in the human experience that feels very futile to me besides shaving and laundry it’s showering. Not that I don’t enjoy being clean or anything, but it just strikes me as a very Sisyphean  activity to keep doing day after day and when you’re a fat fuck like me, showering every day is very mandatory. 273 more words


The Wonders of Somali Teeth

Ever since I can remember, my mother reminds my siblings and I of the importance of cleanliness. While being clean is important in all cultures, it has a highly spiritual meaning for Muslims. 803 more words

Rule #94: Short faucets

Full disclosure… I’m a germaphobe. Here’s the definition according to the urban dictionary.


“Any person who is obsessed with cleanliness and defeating bacteria. 304 more words


The Sunday Morning Revisit Of "No, I Don't Watch Cooking Shows"

The Sunday Morning Revisits are posts that I wrote a few years back that I think deserve another look. Here is one originally posted Nov 12, 2011 entitled “ 519 more words


Of your place or mine

Brunch! the glorious son of breakfast and lunch. The savior of our, sleepless, hardly working, confused generation. It is my favourite meal alongside breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner, late dinner, post football meal, post meal dessert, later dinner, early morning pre-breakfast and second breakfast as defined by the hobbits.  1,394 more words