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So, I am off to the UK for a month.

This has put some extra strain on our dwindling funds. Needing time off and costs and cost-of-living in England being much higher. 327 more words

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Dealing With India’s Cleanliness Problem

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As we step into the development process, it is vital that we don’t leave the issue of tidiness aside

You have never wearied yourself discussing about India’s state regarding cleanliness, even though you don’t feel guilty about dropping that Pepsi Can at the roads right before having such discussions. 1,385 more words

Guest Post: First-Aid Kit for Reverts

Salaam all!

I am so excited to have my awesome sister Chelsea back around for a guest post! In case you didn’t read her first post… 2,072 more words

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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Any brewer worth his weight in malt knows that making a beer is 99% cleaning and 1% brewing. Maintaining clean and sanitary equipment and work space is extremely important as even the most minute contamination can infect an entire batch and result in a sour, undrinkable beer (Oh NO!!!). 556 more words


What's the most shocking answer you've seen on Quora?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

There was this answer on the age old debate of using water vs. using tissues after using the toilet. Almost all Indians were for using hand showers and soap. 186 more words

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