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To Unclutter : Replacement

Cleanliness adds on to the respect. A clean man inside and out are looked up to. Here we get 2 basic cleanliness rules which will help you when you start cleaning your room, house or office. 38 more words


The Ups & Downs of Anxiety & OCPD...Vol 1

I’ve titled this Vol 1 as I feel there will be MANY days of OCD fuelled frustration to come. The whole point of this blog is to not only write daily, but to generally rant and rave and get shit off my chest in a constructive ‘positive’ manner. 489 more words


Cry Cry Clumsy

Clumsiness creates danger and Destruction in almost all the places. The clumsy atmosphere creates one kind of fear in the mind of the viewers. Where there is no skill or cleverness in accomplishing a deed or managing a situation, the clumsiness enters. 323 more words


Garbage Bin – the place where we live in!

Delhi is a strange place with strange people. People are annoyed with agencies for heavy traffic, pollution and unclean roads and spaces. Perhaps it applies to other cities but being a resident of this unfortunate city, I can only talk about it. 908 more words


Super Clean Tokyo and the 1964 Campaign to "Banish Cigarette Butts From All the Streets in the World"

When I first moved to Japan, the first pleasant surprise was the everyday practice of taking my shoes off before entering a home. After doing that for a while, it nearly disgusted me when I came back to New York where everywhere was parading around the house in the shoes that stepped in all kinds of you-know-what outside. 552 more words

Tokyo 1964

Shaheen Bagh and Cleanliness

The world is full of strange, uneducated and illiterate people. We live in a small place where sanitation is people’s last concern and they are least bothered about the cleanliness of the place. 190 more words

Daily Posts

Time's a Tickin'!!!

I have two weeks fall break in front of me. So I’ve been thinking about how I need to use this extra time. I’ve been praying that God would give me discernment about how to use this time wisely and at the end of it, He would be pleased and I wouldn’t have regrets. 511 more words