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Roommates and How Utterly Gross They Are

I pay bills, work a full-time job (as well as a couple odd jobs here and there), I clean my room when it needs to be cleaned, I even do laundry once a week. 881 more words

Civilized - Are we ?


Location: Rohtak, Haryana

Description: There are many people in India who spit anywhere or pee in the open. This puts our country in an embarrassing situation in front of the foreigners who visit our country.

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What makes a Home, a Home?

“Let’s go home”. We’re all familiar with this phrase, be it in the movies when at the climax, the main actor says it to the rest as though it were nirvana or in real life when we’re done and dusted and just long to seek the comfort of its refuge. 462 more words


The Philosophy of the Clean Room

As stated in my previous post, I analyzed the thought that has been studied by many doctors through many tests. Many other writers had written about it. 683 more words

The Piety in Purity

Walking through the neighbourhood, a waft of smoky sweetness slowed my gait gradually pulling it to a halt. I stood there, mildly bewildered at the sublime fragrance and then like the beckon of a beloved’s gaze, it gently drew me to where it was coming from. 883 more words


World Earth Day: The Need To Stop Littering

We can plant trees but we need to stop littering too

Travel is never associated with cleanliness. It is always about luxury, backpacking and experiencing something new. 454 more words


Essential Oils

Trying to shake off nightmare after nightmare last night … I have dreams inside of dreams quite often, like I think I wake up but am still dreaming. 412 more words