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Cleanliness is next to Dogliness

Many people overlook the little things that should be cleaned regularly for our dogs, but it is a very important to keep on top of the cleaning duties as pet parents. 361 more words



She dusts, wipes, pats, takes a step back

Cocks her head and crinkles her eyes

And dusts again, wipes over and pats the counter

She mops kitchen before beginning work… 210 more words



I read an interesting post the other day. The piece had some sort of pointers that anyone can use to easily identify a dirty woman. 372 more words

Hope to see a clean India

In my neighbourhood, there lives an old auntie who takes bath daily and cleans her house. Very particular about hygiene and I appreciate it. All was going well until one day when I woke up( usually gets up late:night person u know;p) I looked out of my window and saw she was littering the road from the first floor of her house. 207 more words


Cleanliness Drive. Left for nothing but superficial show off.

“Don’t throw the wrapper outside!” I yelled, late by a jiffy┬ájust as he released his clasp over it. “It’s just a small chocolate wrapper Dude!!” 483 more words


OCD to the 2nd Degree

Ok so my husband is OCD and ADD. How I live with him, God only knows. That and I must have been a Saint in my past life. 299 more words