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That time in India when everyone saw my butt

Telling a good story is all about how well you deliver it. I assure you, I do not deliver. But keep reading regardless because it’s about me humiliating myself which is always a treat. 642 more words


The Growth Project - Part 1: The Growth Opportunities

Happy 2018!

Hope everyone is ready to make this year the best one yet (I know I am)! After a much-needed vacation, I am back and ready to give another update on the project. 553 more words

23 Ways Neat Freaks Secretly Suck At Life

1. They spend crazy amounts of time cleaning up after other people, not because their friends and relatives are particularly sloppy, but because they just can’t stand the sight of a rogue crumb or a misplaced bowl. 355 more words

[TOILET REVIEW] East Coast Park MacDonald's

Photo Source: http://onlywilliam.blogspot.sg/2016/07/10-reasons-mcdonald-marine-cove-east.html

The MacDonald’s at East Coast Park is a pretty special one. It has a very different interior when compared to other MacDonald’s in Singapore. 227 more words

12 Day of Reflection: Day 8 - Fashion

My wardrobe is at that weird stage in life where it contains a multitude of categories; the last dregs on my teenage clothes, extremely smart office wear and plenty of party dresses. 159 more words


12 Day of Reflection: Day 6 - Self Worth

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.” -Shannon L. Alder

Self worth is not necessarily about knowing where your value lies, but knowing what you deserve and what you are need to do in order to be happy.

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