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My Self-Care Habits

Hello everyone! I hope you are all keeping well and having a good day❤ p.s. this is a long one so be prepared!

Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough. 2,704 more words

Medicinal herbs for the treatment of kidney diseases

The kidneys play a vital role in the normal physiology of humans. These small, bean-shaped organs are responsible for removing waste products and excess fluid… 544 more words

Whole Body Wellness

Slower Now

Most of the time I live my life in extremes. I am intense, passionate, deep, addictive. I like to leap across the sky in oranges and crackle with lightning, or bury myself inside a cave of sooty bitterness and brood and churn. 262 more words


Cherry's Chapter 28

Aging has to be a fear for a lot of us. Most may fear they’re a step closer to death or success. Some may fear they aren’t quite where they want to be or feel they should be in life. 763 more words


1 Day of No Food, Only Juice?

I did a thing..

Okay.. I impulsively bought this one day juice cleanse package because I had been thinking about it for a while now. By that, I mean a year or so? 1,458 more words


Succubus Skin

Having a regular skin care routine is key to having nice skin. You would think that’s a given, but I need to be constantly reminded. … 388 more words


Good Works Happy

Strengthening my brethren

and sisters too 
means lift all men 
so they can do 

Good works happy

on a bad day 
better be 
kind words say  74 more words