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Today’s readings show the necessity to cleanse and make reparation for the wrongs committed of our fellow men in the world and in the Church. Our culture has taken a turn for the worst. 339 more words

[Review] Heimish PH5.5 All Clean Green Cleansing Foam

I purchased this from jolse for about USD10 as I was intrigued by the PH5.5, I knew I had to get my hands on it! Ps. 263 more words


This is the year you get to give yourself the gift of a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”!

Now’s  your chance to be proactive, take actions towards your goals and feel AMAZING! 102 more words

Super Facialist Hyaluronic Acid Firming Daily Brightening Cleanser review (originally posted 29/10/17)

I am a big fan girl when it comes to Super Facialist and I don’t understand why people don’t talk about the brand more. They are a lovely little gem within the high street beauty selection. 388 more words


[REVIEW] Menard Lisciare Sample Set

Even though I only got to try a few of Menard products amongst their bazillion products, it’s save to say that I am one of… 794 more words



While intention in themselves are not enough to do something, they are important when it comes to giving meaning to your every day actions.

Preparing a meal with love and care, with the intention of pleasing others (and/or ourselves) gives the meal more nutrients, it becomes something that feeds the soul of those eating it, and the one preparing it. 134 more words


An Opening

I need you to stay still -

Blink once
Blink twice
But don't avert your eyes.

I need you to sense what's coming -

Hear the sirens
Just beneath your feet. 37 more words
The Self