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Your Best Skincare Routine - Step 1: Cleansing

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I’m excited to kick off an overview of the six-step skincare routine. A full textbook could be written on each and every skincare step so I am going to stick with what you need to know to get your routine going. 428 more words

Day & Night| SKIN CARE

Hi guys, I’m here with another blog post and this time it’s skin care which is probably the most important thing to your makeup looking good. 639 more words

Effective whitening and Slimming Product

I stands only five feet tall, and after giving birth i gain a lot of weight, i feel fat because im only five feet tall, i gain weight easily, i search for a sustainable way to lose the excess pounds that i gained when i was pregnant. 153 more words

Best Juuce For Diet

The leper and the king (Matthew 8:2-3)

Open Matthew 8:2-3.

A leper was unusual company for a king. The skin disease was bad enough, but a leper was a defiled person, excluded from the community. 615 more words


All About Double Cleansing

What it is: Double cleansing refers to using an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, oil, and sunscreen, then cleansing again with a water-based cleanser to remove sweat and dirt. 696 more words



This post is most definitely long over due! I said this would be coming since last month but I wanted to actually sit down and explain why exactly I like these products and this isn’t just “oh this moisturiser feels sooo nice on my skin”, this is “this actually works because of this active ingredient”. 1,499 more words


Detoxing with wholefoods

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A couple of days ago a friend of mine told me that she had started incorporating a lot more vegetables into her diet. As we all know, vegetables are healthy, so I am very happy for her. 729 more words