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Successful War Against DESTINY 2

Congratulations! A perfect XP war too!

Extra special recognition goes to the heroes who dropped down to clean up 32-40. Kalabe12, ovidiu, NMdos, louie, kastur, and Alejo Ayala ( 9 more words

Clash Of Clans


I know I missed last week and I’m really sorry! I’m doing a review this week on a relatively new anime: Coppelion!  I wasn’t too sure about this series at first because their skin is an odd color and I just thought that was the way they colored skin but that’s an after affect of their mutation. 227 more words


Hurricane Sandy In Sacramento

To be honest I don’t really read much news online, and since we don’t watch TV, and our local paper is not my favorite thing in the world, I was sort of oblivious to the hurricane bearing down on the East coast. 266 more words

My 52: Week 39

Where we come from, they call them vultures, and you don’t see them very often. Here, they call them buzzards, and they are everywhere. They are nature’s clean-up crew, and I find them absolutely fascinating.


Diggin' Dialogue: Zombie Tears

Just a short bit of dialogue I was messing around with the other day. Bon appetite!

“You think zombies cry?”

“Come again?”

“Zombies. Shed tears. Weep. 225 more words


Master of the Custodial Arts

You know your job is a piece of shit when people fight over custodial duties. No, I’m not joking, gentle reader. As always, your pal Winston tells the truth and nothing but the truth. 584 more words