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how extraordinary! how beautiful!

Please tell me this: how does it profit one to be convinced that everything one takes to be true and real – beliefs, body, belongings – is so, when at the end it all “becomes transparent”? 894 more words

A Luminous Mélange

Vesper's Prayer

Desert’s evening star
Shattered stones of
Shamans, Mystics, and Yogins

Let fall the cards you play
And Shatter your stone
To plant the seed deep… 34 more words

Nature Spirituality

Mother and Child

Blue/black Mother
Potential’s eternal depth
Alive in all a darkness that is home of all light
The intent ignites radiance
The spontaneous spectrum of the spheres… 155 more words

Nature Spirituality


Within turbulent waters

Blended in rhythm with our Earth Mother

Strive toward the light

Resting in the spacious peace

Original heart guiding you

Toward the final leap

To the embrace of radiance

Nature Spirituality

Heaven's Heart Unfolding

The sky of your heart unfolds like a morpho butterflies wings
The beauty and presence of origin’s heart and the embrace with
Signs and pointers scattered among this vision of life… 46 more words

Nature Spirituality

Becoming Sky

The brilliance of the setting Sun blazes upon the Mesa
Washing away solidity, becoming sky.
The Mesa, evanescent like the mist in the noon day Sun, 104 more words

Nature Spirituality