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Every once in awhile, I offer advise to friends on what to do about a particular situation or help them to solve a problem they have. 361 more words

Well-being - look after YOU

Hi Guys!

I’m generally quite an upbeat person but every so often I go through a period of time when I feel quite low because something has happened and sometimes for no reason at all and I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with me. 980 more words


Home Bird

I am, what I call, a Home Bird. I fly freely and confidently in my own home. In the space between my 4 walls.

As confident as I may seem in the open world, I am not. 388 more words


Haiku #227

Forget bars of gold

Quick to sleep no alarm clock

She never gets old

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The Rollercoaster

(i think i’ve said this before but i just want to reiterate)¬†

I’ve had a list of posts I want to write for months now, but one massive downside to the… 425 more words


Morning Pages

I started adding something new to my morning routine since it felt like it was time to change things up a bit. I started writing morning pages! 312 more words


Floating in a world of wet

This small pond my haven

My arms gently tread water

To keep myself afloat

My mind slows

My senses take over… 80 more words