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Going Offline!

So, I haven’t posted in a while think about a week and a bit. Firstly no this is not because I gave up on blogging, I didn’t get… 355 more words

Free Your Mind

Happy Friday!

What a week.
Every day the alarm goes off, we get up, we shower/bath/wash, we rush out, we get back in the evening to rush around some more, we half reply to messages, we have a quick nosey on social media, we catch up on programmes…and fall asleep before the opening credits finish. 339 more words

The Big Three- A Check In

You may recall The Big Three.  I talked about them a bit for a while and how they were the things that I wanted to pursue this year, even though I recognized that it was going to be a rough year for pursuing things.   366 more words

The Big Three

Dream and do

Dream and do

Do not wait or you’ll lose

Cause time wait for no one

And you may not have another chance

Dream and do… 21 more words


On The Daily #15

If there’s anything you should know for good reading advice, it’s to have your mind cleared. Yesterday as I began to read the next book on my TBR, I started to think of everything my head could. 306 more words


Keeping On

I wrote yesterday about how I wanted to find flow and be mindful and carry the peacefulness of that with me every day.  I have been trying.   183 more words


Flow:  In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. 331 more words

The Big Three