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How can I be like an island?

My exploration of stoicism has of course given me some stuff to think about.  I like the idea that I can only control my own mind.   312 more words

The Big Three

Being Here Now

Mindfulness is one of the things that I listed under The Clear Mind.  And there’s a reason for that.  Mindfulness- the act of focusing on the now- makes a world of difference.  372 more words

How To Start a New Year (In 5 Steps)

Hello, lovelies!

Happy New Year! :-)

For the first post of the year, I thought it’d be lovely to write about how to properly start a new year. 969 more words


Clear Mind

“The mind becomes clear and serene when the qualities of the heart are cultivated: friendliness towards the joyful, compassion towards the suffering, happiness towards the pure, and impartiality towards the impure.”

-Patanjali (sutra 1.33)

Midweek Motivation

Oprah and I says... clear your mind 

Oprah Winfrey Says: “Twenty minutes in the morning, 20 in the evening. Transcendental Meditation teachers have taught everyone in my company who wanted to learn how to meditate. 40 more words



some days simply remind you, to clear certain things up. whether it’s the bookshelve, your nightstand, the relationship with an alienated friend, your bathroom mirror, or your perspective. 18 more words

Day 64 - Wonder about the world

Today I scolded myself a little bit. I can often by quite hard on myself, but in general I am pretty much at ease with myself. 319 more words

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