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The Necessity of a Break 

One of my favourite things to do is to lie underneath the stars. Some people do mediation while others have a 10k run; I look up at the stars and think. 221 more words

Advice Give or Take...?

ADVICE… This is something we all GIVE, ASK for and LISTEN to but whether we actually follow through with the advice is another thing. 283 more words

Hoof prints on my heart

March has swept us along into cold rainfall, blustery evenings and the odd sparkle of sunshine in between the clouds. Bursts of yellow have emerged upon the meadow banks, and those radiant buds of the friendly daffodil offer an encouraging sign that soon the storms shall pass. 316 more words

Organise Your Thoughts

We have busy lives.
Even if you are not being a social butterfly every day of the week (I wish I was), you still have a pretty busy life. 673 more words

Going Offline!

So, I haven’t posted in a while think about a week and a bit. Firstly no this is not because I gave up on blogging, I didn’t get… 355 more words

Free Your Mind

Happy Friday!

What a week.
Every day the alarm goes off, we get up, we shower/bath/wash, we rush out, we get back in the evening to rush around some more, we half reply to messages, we have a quick nosey on social media, we catch up on programmes…and fall asleep before the opening credits finish. 339 more words

The Big Three- A Check In

You may recall The Big Three.  I talked about them a bit for a while and how they were the things that I wanted to pursue this year, even though I recognized that it was going to be a rough year for pursuing things.   366 more words

The Big Three