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Take A Healing Break

Take a deep breath in…


Take a deep breath out.

Now repeat!

Oh, and don’t forget the do not disturb button!!

That moment of relaxation feels so good. 85 more words

If You Could See Yourself Through My Eyes

What if you could see yourself from the eyes of your best friend?

You would probably see yourself as the bomb, the shiz-nizzel, or just simply beautiful. 684 more words

Clear Mind

A Technique to Clear Your Mind and Alleviate Stress

You know those days when your mind is racing? You can’t seem to focus which leads you to accomplish nothing. The weight of the world is felt on your shoulders. 235 more words

A Clear Mind

A lot of things have been happening lately and with this move I feel like I have a clear mind for once. Even though the packing and shopping and such has been draining. 156 more words

Everyday Life

The Happy, Peaceful Outdoors

People hear that I love to get out in the fresh air and think that I’m some sort of fitness addict and that I’m constantly striving to ditch the pounds. 89 more words


Day 2

So today was much better than yesterday, the Prima Cleanse makes you use the toilet more than usual but not in a horrible way, it doesn’t upset your stomach like some detox’s do. 180 more words