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Spongy Mind

Fatigue slows
the inner voice
till there’s nothing

but stone


Chagall 2015


“Sometimes all I need is just some beautiful places to clear my mind.”

I am currently sitting on my front porch, feeling the breeze brush along my legs, inhaling the crisp, cool air, and listening to the combination of chirping birds and buzzing cars.

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I Hate You IBS

So my IBS can be brought on by some foods, alcohol as in too much or stress. Well last night I got into a heated chat with the guy I’m dating and then I went and blogged my feelings out and bitched and complained and had a little trouble falling asleep. 210 more words

Everyday Life

30-Day Song Challenge Day 2: Songs That Helps You Clear Your Head

It was quite hard to come up with a match for this one, considering that each song that I listen to only ushers in waves of feels and memories. 411 more words




WE all have millions thoughts constantly coming to our minds. It’s hard to concentrate on something important, we all operate in multitask mode “ 234 more words



Do you ever have those days where everything that could possibly go wrong does? Today is that day for me, and it isn’t even noon. All summer I’ve been doing yoga everyday (with a few exceptions here and there) and have found it to be extremely good for mind, body and soul. 531 more words


2nd camping trip of the year

Went this past weekend camping again, same campground but different site. It was relaxing. Less hot than last time. Water was a bit dirty maybe cause it rained the day before and California hasn’t seen much rain. 59 more words