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In Waves

My eyes are weary

I smell of sweat

The room is cold

Lets not forget

These words once taught themselves to read

These arms once wore much smaller sleeves… 28 more words

Why aren't you meditating yet?

Meditation, what is it exactly? Well my personal definition would describe it as peace. Meditation is a moment that you set aside to sit in silence, and do some rearranging of the brain. 814 more words


Affirmation 8/18/16

Deep breath. Deep, even breath. With each exhale let go. Let go of the stress and pain of yesterday. It’s behind you and unchangeable. Clear your mind of it. 40 more words


The consequences of being zen

Now that you know a little about me, I’m going to share with you some of the tools that I used to heal myself. The most important tool in my arsenal I believe was my mind. 964 more words


I Choose To Be Happy

The world tends to feel difficult at times but things are quite simple actually.


What Is Mindfulness?

The art of observing, but not engaging our thoughts is so important to master.




I don’t have to meet each person living with me on planet earth to be able to tell everyone that this one simple truth can change their lives forever. 258 more words