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Afternoon Walk

Walking through the summer woods, I lose myself in a fantastical magical world. The only way to fully immerse myself is in my natural state. Bare feet sinking in the deep mosses and skirting the many berry patches. 645 more words


The Real Me

Don’t put to much thought into me
The real me
Into who I really am
Don’t read it into my poems
Or my fantasies
I’m really no one special… 303 more words


Oh, the wonders of Eucalyptus Oil!

Add a couple of drops of Eucalyptus Oil into the diffuser* and BAM!

You are about to dive right into a mist of healthy benefits! 85 more words


A Clear Space Equals A Clear Mind

As we start the new year we usually go through a time where we want to meet goals, for some people this will be to declutter! 598 more words




What is it?

An app for mindfulness/meditation.


An awesome app on mindfulness I’ve been using for a couple of months now. It’s a sort of contemporary guided meditation on how to sit back and observe your thoughts and let them do their thing while you have a break. 219 more words


Letting Go (The Release)

The time has come
for me to admit that
I’ve been holding you
too tight

I knew you were never mine
to bind myself to… 228 more words


Grief Held

The loss was so profound
So deep
So all-encompassing that it
For a time
As if the tears would

“Will I ever stop crying?” 218 more words