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Three Ways To Relax (2014)

1. Recline.

2. Clear mind.

3. Afternoon tea.
And for a good reason-
During this holiday season.



I know you’ve heard it before – the 3-day rule. This rule is most often applied to fish and company, assuming both begin to stink after 3 days, but I’ve found it should be applied to most everyday experiences too. 286 more words

My Dribbles

The Art of Journaling

As you all know, this year has been full of many new experiences for me. From moving hours away from home, to transitioning from being a college student to working in the real world, to living on my own. 298 more words


I’m back! I apologize for not posting in so long.  I think I took on a little more than I can handle so I’ve made a few adjustments and am trying to get my priorities straight.  480 more words


Clear mind

Aspects deemed within moments of receiving this flow… We interpret the coming, channelings to be quite “superstitious” while allowing further constructs to enable a complete “map” (rewiring) within contentment… Which implies greater avenues in synapsing currents while abolishing the (degraded) flow in conceptual, *meanings. 244 more words

Originating In 2014

Clutter free

Being able to reinvent myself is such a good thing for me. I can start all over fresh with a clean slate. I think a minimalist lifestyle works best for me. 87 more words


An Open Mind

An open mind
doesn’t know…
it can’t know
because it is all
constantly changing
whether you plan for ecstasy
or you plan for misery
you never know how… 35 more words