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Perfection of the whole moment. 

What is perfection? We seek it as something unattainable, yet it is achieved simply in observing this moment. Perfection is not a state of being at the top of all creation and possibilities, but a condition which accepts things as they are. 167 more words

Unrandom kindness.

Random acts of kindness are a beautiful thing. They get shared widely and we rejoice in power of humanity.

Random however implies seldom, accidental, non-intentional, irregular, infrequent. 150 more words

Bird against my window.

There is a bird throwing her body into our window repeatedly this spring, evidently she thinks her reflection is another bird and she attacks her in an effort to protect her territory. 189 more words

I am a river, life is a river?

When studying many buddhist texts, I tried thinking of self as river, as water, gracefully flowing through life, gentle and non-forceful, yet powerful in breaking down boundaries and obstacles; the river that accepts things as they are and just continues on flowing and moving. 162 more words

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

This is your weekly oracle card reading for the week of March 9th-15th.   This week’s reading brings abundance, objective decision-making, and trustworthy advice.  At the beginning of the week you will feel like you have the Midas touch with much success coming your way.  220 more words

Weekly Oracle Card Readings

Why NOT workout......Taper week

As I reflect on the long and committed running schedule I’ve been following these last 4 months, I am super happy and proud of myself. There were some days that were really hard and others that I felt like an Elite runner! 221 more words