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Clearing Your Mind

I have never been very good at meditation. Ever since moving to New York City, I am constantly surrounded by noises – blaring ambulances, screeching taxi cabs, endless conversations buzzing around my head. 818 more words


The road is clear

When in doubt, take to the road. The longer the road, the more time to think of what you want to accomplish. And whatever you do, keep on going until you clear your mind and find the solution. 63 more words


How to enter a trance

A trance state is the most important part of the meditation. It will unlock your mind and you will be able to do much easier what you planned to, rather than with a simple meditation or without it. 153 more words


TMNT Fitness - LIVE! [Replay]

I love Fridays! They are so relaxing!! Check out today’s meditation here!

Women's Health

Take a Deep Breath!

If you’re reading this then obviously you’re breathing. The question is what does breathing mean for you? Is it just that thing you automatically do all day, every day to stay alive? 319 more words

Positive Thinking

5 Alternative Reasons Why You Can't Find Inner Peace

Ahhh inner peace, your personal serenity, and a big contributor to keeping us sane. Why can it be so hard to achieve sometimes? Here’s five big reasons that may be affecting you from achieving it. 830 more words