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Roadtrip retrospective 2, Oregon

Entering Oregon, the trees change from redwoods to pines and other trees. It struck me as odd that the trees would be so different in two such close neighboring states. 409 more words


Grassy Narrows: It’s not too late for the Ontario government to do the right thing

30 March 2015
News release

Grassy Narrows: It’s not too late for the Ontario government to do the right thing

In a joint statement issued today, 16 social justice organizations, faith groups, trade unions, and environmental organizations are calling on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to immediately withdraw the province’s 10 year plan for clearcut logging on the traditional territory of the Grassy Narrows First Nation. 540 more words


I finished Beloved by Toni Morrison

today. It was not the easiest of reads. For many reasons. I think that I had problems with it because of the writing styles that are from my generation, the same principles being stamped into writers today. 401 more words


South Surrey stands out (tree canopy anomaly)

A big thank you to Gary Cameron, who found fascinating information on Surrey’s tree canopy numbers! It’s a great report (data from 2009), and I highly recommend reading it, especially for developers, landscape designers, and residents. 218 more words


Will National Forests Be Sacrificed to the Biomass Industry?

The US Forest Service wants to sell our forests for fuel in the name of wildfire reduction

If we’re to believe the biomass energy industry, the US Forest Service, and a chorus of politicians from both sides of the aisle, we can solve the energy crisis, cure climate change, and eradicate wildfire by logging and chipping our national forests and burning them up in biomass power facilities. 1,462 more words


Ruining A River

Material possessions are a positive hindrance to the elevation of mankind – Henry David Thoreau

(This article first appeared in Multinational Monitor and is part of Chapter 3: Chiapas via Alaska: … 1,096 more words

Dean Henderson

It's bigger than I imagined

I just found out that the bulldozing of forests here is sanctioned by the BC provincial government. How many of you knew about the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy… 102 more words