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So many storms, so many gray skies – it was such a pleasure to finally see the blue returning. Rambunctious rollers and lifting clouds say it all. 6 more words


Stepping up to university – advice to undergraduates starting this year.

The difference

It doesn’t matter if you are coming to university from school, college or after a break. There is quite a step change in the way it works to your experience to date. 822 more words


five minutes before bed, a mantra for action

Intellectualizing vs. doing.

I’ve thought about writing this blog post for two weeks now. Since my last creative cohort ACSAS ended early last week, I had one more post pending. 854 more words

Clearing skies...

No matter how dark and somber skies may seem…

They can clear up quicker than you can blink.

And you have have no clue how nice it is… 19 more words



So after last week’s disastrous update, I’m here with slightly better news this time – I’ve found a university!

Being that it is very late to have made an application through clearing, I wasn’t guaranteed a space or accommodation but it was worth trying as I didn’t know what else I’d do for the next year if not uni. 101 more words


Hope, Remembrance and Growth

TLS 365 Experience #195
September 11, 2017

On the tenth anniversary of the attack of September 11th, there was a Hope Fest in our town. It was  a way to emerge our growth through the largeness of a positive and lifting experience that we were finding a readiness for as a nation.   375 more words

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