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How Many Art Supplies Does One Woman Need?

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A photo posted by Pamela Morse (@instapam11) on Aug 25, 2016 at 7:28am PDT

As I go through my possessions in order to eliminate the items no longer useful to my life, I have discovered the “art supply” hoarder in me.

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A huge part of this process is clearing your field of all things that externally lend vibrationally to your physical reality here. Everything within your field, every person, every physical matter thing, every sound, every everything contributes to your reality here. 1,805 more words

The Journey

You are now in Clearing.

One week ago I very naively compared A-level results day to a twisted version of Christmas Day for young adults, where they will either wake up with the next step of their journey paved out for them like a glittering yellow-brick-road to success or with a heavy feeling of failure sitting on their shoulders as their future evaporates before their eyes. 778 more words

Worst Results Day Ever (2015)

  • As I am currently taking a gap year, it just makes sense to do this post. When I got my A level results last year (2015) I felt like my life was over.
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The Mirror

Please take comfort as this final clearing phase is almost at an end.

You have been facing the mirror of what life has caused you to become when you didn’t care enough about yourself or others. 897 more words


The Murky Side of Clearing

Four years ago I wrote an article on the perils of clearing that began like this: “On August 15 an 18-year-old near you will take a leap in the dark.” Four years on let’s see what’s changed.   1,014 more words

UCAS 2016: A buyer's market?

We have survived A-level results day, despite my worst fears it was a sunny end to an emotional day.  Our results were a mixed bag with some surprises but no change there.   536 more words