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Clearing Unsupportive Thoughts

People who came before you―who may also be you from a former lifetime―and individuals presently living on the planet are all responsible for the thoughts that are collectively held around the earth. 328 more words

Clearing Thoughts

Did the City of London Just Press the Panic Button on Brexit?

Oh the irony: EU capitals are trying to attract the very institutions that caused some of the worst financial scandals of the last ten years. 242 more words

Rigging The Game

Final Week

It’s the final week before we move house. The movers arrive in a week and there is so so much to do still. An enormous amount of work has happened. 79 more words

Burning the Burden

Darlings, it is with a full and happy heart that I’m going to write about grievances, those thought patterns we inherit from our society, a legacy so fully accepted that we hardly notice when we are using them. 566 more words

Clearing cupboards

How is it that when you decide to make something, say a cake or a curry with an unusual ingredient you know you bought some time ago, you just can’t find it, even though you take everything out of the cupboard? 504 more words

Bits And Pieces


The Ringlet – Aphantopus hyperantus  – is related to the Meadow Brown which was also flapping around in numbers today.

NatureSpot says it likes sheltered and damper places such as woodland clearings woodland edges “where the full heat from the summer sun can be avoided and where the food plant is lush”.   54 more words

What Lives In The Wood?