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6 tips to remember before A-level results day

Results day is looming. 239 hours away, to be exact (if you like countdowns, The Telegraph has one on their Clearing pages) We wrote this last year, but we’ve spruced it up a little for 2015. 375 more words


Little Moments, Gozo Gratitude, Sunday

How do you get into a good mood?  For me, Sundays are quite reflective days. On this particular Sunday I was in the Mediterannean with people I love who were taking me to a place they love, their beloved  Gozo. 407 more words


Cleaning and Clearing

I find myself thinning the stuff to store, and re-organizing my space.  Especially the work space. Last month in an effort to push my nose to the grindstone and hurry up the art work, I purchased some of my Snowball character images on shirts.   280 more words

Clear Blue Energy

Big day with lots of people? Feeling drained?  Take a shower, go breathe in nature for a while.  And, if you are an empath or highly sensitive to the vibes of others, watch this and clear here. 9 more words


Why on earth would you go to university?

Results Day and clearing are approaching and many parents are pondering whether the debt their children will incur from tuition fees is worth it. And these are of course perfectly understandable concerns. 761 more words

A Levels

Finally! Listing on eBay again

Yes finally!

I’ve started listing on eBay again. Updated two items that weren’t selling and hopefully now they will go. I’ve set myself a target of listing five items a week. 600 more words


Once in a Blue Moon

by Natasha Botkin 

The full moon on July 31, 2015 will be a blue moon.  

What does this mean? 

It doesn’t happen very often. About once every 2.5 years. 1,245 more words