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Mammutprojekt: IBM, DTCC, Axoni und R3 wollen 12-Billionen-Dollar Blockchain schaffen

Das weltweit größte Clearinghaus will eine Blockchain nutzen, um die Abwicklung des Derivatehandels zu optimieren, und hat dafür IBM, Axoni und R3 engagiert. Wird die Blockchain nun tatsächlich Teil des weltweiten Finanzwesens? 720 more words


January 18, 2017- Smudging Words

I was taught and I have taught how to smudge.  That is to place herbs in a shell or bowl and burn them using the smoke to cleanse spaces, reach the heavens with prayers, and reset a place or person’s energy.  260 more words

Lessons From Nature- A Daily Meditation

Round 17. Kitchen Edit. 

Liquor ‘cabinet’ clearing today. We aren’t big drinkers…this is evident by the expired liquor I’m discarding today. I’ve kept this Pale Ale- and was hesitant of discarding- because I tell myself that it will be tasty with boiled crabs or crawfish. 79 more words

Personal Development

'It's deplorable': parents frustrated with sidewalks around schools

WINNIPEG — Parents living near King Edward Community School said they’re walking their kids to school using the road, because sidewalks in the area are covered in snow. 324 more words


Brand Names and SEO: Clearing Up a Common Misconception

Few letters generate more confusion than “SEO.” Appearing on the front page of Google is the stuff of online marketers’ dreams, but how to get there is a process shrouded in lore and mystery. 7 more words

Better Humans. 

Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to accept and celebrate those differences.” – Audre Lorde… 180 more words

Personal Development

MICHAEL FORRESTER: “Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others”

A biological research team at Bielefeld University has made a groundbreaking discovery showing that plants can draw an alternative source of energy from other plants. This finding could also have a major impact on the future of bioenergy eventually providing the evidence to show that people draw energy from others in much the same way. 

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