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clearly seen

face in the picture

face on the globe

and where it spins

and how it walked

and  its own  and those of the

felt and how it breaks on… 44 more words


Whenever you know what you do not want, you always know more clearly what you do want, so in a poignant moment of awareness of another person’s undesirable situation, give your undivided attention to the idea of improvement that has hatched from your interaction/observation.

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realization of the day

Have you ever had this moment? bought a shirt a size too big, you look at it and with your past experience the shirt clearly looks too big, you try it on anyway imagining maybe you can try being a rapper wearing oversized t-shirts. 54 more words

Random Thoughts

What's going on around here?

We all get stuck at one time or another. Mind Wrench can be used to help you see your situation more clearly.  The classic question is of course: “What’s going on around here?”


Sometimes you can’t see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others – Ellen DeGeneres


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