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Episode 3: Part 1 - Valentines Day Special

We focus on reaching out to the community with Christie, our relationship advisor and expert, to help you lame asses pick up some pussy before summer. 79 more words


Episode 2 - Tiny Toons, Owls, Snowdays, Random Battles

Hazencruz talks about why Tiny Toons is responsible for the influx of furry fetish porn we saw in the early 2000’s on deviant art, while Christie describes how much he would definitely bang an owl. 113 more words


Episode 3: Part 2- Valentines Day Special

David Clegg Calls in via a phone and complains about phones then Clegg starts planning his crusade against Daylight savings. Raj hands out Tips for picking up girls at the bar while Hazencruz is busy making fag jokes. 21 more words


Episode 1 - Facebook Quizzes, Nature Documentaries and More

Facebook Quizzes, People only talking to you to ask for favors, and Nature Documentaries. Plus, we got Jeff Cucks (a big fan of madcucks) with some constructive criticism for our podcast, Asterios Pokedex tells us all about his Valentine’s day plans, and David Clegg agrees with me about the Nintendo Switch being a failing pile of Garbage.

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Nick Clegg-Between the Extremes: Book Review

In ‘Between the Extremes’ Nick Clegg offers readers an insiders guide to the coalition government and provides a convincing argument for a centrist path in the future. 588 more words

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The LibDem Head of Remoaning

Failed politician Nick Clegg, once Deputy Prime Minister, once leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, and now man full of self-importance, has been recycled as a LibDem Remoaning representative. 155 more words


Review: Did You Ever Have a Family

Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I treasure this book. It has everything I want in something I choose to read. 168 more words

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