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En premier lieu, une rapide présentation

Je ne sais pas quelle sera la portée de ce blog et des billets qu’il contient. Mais ce dont je suis sûre, c’est que je remercie Cam’ d’avoir eu l’idée de m’y associer. 294 more words


Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #26 – 5/21/15

Being 7 wins away from the title feels so… right

– How the rest of the series might play out
– Voicemail from Damen Camen… 23 more words


Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #25 – 5/19/15

The Cavs are in the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 2009!

– The Cavaliers vs The Hawks
– Who is the man? Delly! 24 more words


Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #24 – 5/14/15

The King has returned!

– Time to close it out in Chicago
– The mainstream media with no love for the Cavs
– Damen Camin calls in… 15 more words


Dear Friends and Family,

A few hours from now we (Clém and Zach) will begin our 11 day trek across the United States. We’re making a triangle around the States that looks a bit like this: 159 more words


Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #23 – 5/12/15

The Eastern Conference Semi-Finals are all tied up!

– Coming back to The Cleve for a best-of-three series

– LeBron is LeClutch

– Damen Camen calls in… 18 more words


Chris Clem’s Cavs Cast #22 – 5/7/15

James Jones if ya nasty!

– Feeling good after a real win.

– Is this sustainable? All signs point to… maybe.

– Long live Delly. 16 more words