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May your grass be green...

May your grass be green…

as green as a shamrock!

One Word Photo Challenge: Color – Shamrock

Photo Challenge

March is the new April

Things are moving along at madcap speeds out there. If I miss a couple of days, I can always count on something having changed when I finally get out there. 553 more words


More Tomato Seedlings At Last

Well some of my worries about the tomato seed are now reduced as some seedlings have now appeared to be precise, 2 ‘gardeners delight’, 1 ‘tumbling tom’, 1 ‘giulietta’, 1 ‘sweet ‘n neat and 1 ‘marmande’ – which is a big improvement on none a few days ago. 455 more words


Spring Seedlings

Grisha has been busy, so the vegetable garden has fallen to my shoulders. I labeled a lot of paper towel rolls, with little insight into how illegible they would become after multiple waterings. 225 more words



The name ‘lilac’ comes from the Persian word meaning bluish. The common lilac, Syringa vulgaris, has opposite leaves, often described as heart-shaped. Its flowers have four petals and they grow in clusters called panicles. 338 more words

Hardy Climbers

Renovating the struggling climbers was my first challenge with the terrace.  Untended for some time before our arrival, the plants were all competing for meagre resources of light, water and nutrients.   190 more words

Plants For A Shady Balcony


After months of not much happening, things are starting to change apace.

Last weeks crocuses have given way to hyacinth,daffodils and more hellebores.

and the first red shoots of the peonies that we planted last year are starting to surface.Exciting…. 159 more words