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Film review: Final Portrait

The appeal of Final Portrait grows and grows. It is an episode in the life of Alberto Giacometti who is renown for his sculptures and paintings. 369 more words


Final Portrait (2017)

Final Portrait (2017)

The search for perfection never ends

Gone are the days when a ‘biopic’ would have to cram a person’s entire life into one single feature. 1,023 more words

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Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu Star-Studded Paris Fashion Week Shows

Paris Fashion Week finishes today! Marking the end of this very hectic Spring/Summer ’18 season and some of my favorite looks from those attending occurred over the last few days. 637 more words

Michelle Williams

Final Portrait

It seems that Geoffrey Rush is the go-to man when it comes to casting the crazy genius. Whilst the level of crazy has varied from those who are merely eccentric, left-of-centre and a little bit odd to others who are stark raving mad, Rush has proven equally adept across the spectrum. 593 more words

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FINAL PORTRAIT*** The Artist as Obsessive

THIS IS A small, carefully crafted, nicely written movie about the making of art. The story is centered on Alberto Giacometti’s execution of a portrait of an American writer, James Lord (Armie Hammer who has clearly survived “The Man From U.N.C.L.E” and “The Lone Ranger”) whose book of the experience was director Stanley Tucci’s source material.  639 more words


Final Portrait

(spoiler free)

Stanley Tucci is without a doubt one of my favourite actors working in film today. His performances always add quality to whatever picture he is starring in and sometimes are even the best thing about them! 475 more words

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Final Portrait: Film Review

As a fan of Stanley Tucci‘s acting work, I had to check Final Portrait which he wrote and directed, and it’s a delightful if forgettable study on the dark side of genius. 292 more words