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I’ve stumbled across Sarah Jaffe in playlists around the Internet many times over the years, and today I was heartened to hear her gorgeous words and soothing voice on… 140 more words

A Happy Pup, Some Fluffy Bunnies, and a Bunch of Rather Puzzled Cows

HA HA HA! How’s that for a title, hmm? Oh dear, it makes me smile. XD

Anyway, as you can tell, I’m going to post some animal pictures today. 582 more words


Tropical Sunrise Smoothie

There I was, lounging on the comfortable blue and white striped cushion of a chaise longue on a white sand beach, basking in the turquoise and azure glory of the seascape and sky before me, wide-brimmed straw hat shading me from the sun overhead. 134 more words


Clementine, Lemon and Almond Cake

A couple of people have asked me for this clementine, lemon and almond cake recipe, which I posted a photo on my instagram account a few weeks ago. 462 more words


Gardening experiments on the windowsill

With the proper amount of sunlight, basil (pictured here), and other culinary herbs can be grown year round on a windowsill.

The ability to pinch fresh foliage from herbs grown in my kitchen for flavouring recipes during winter months has become less of an experiment and more of a necessity in our house! 269 more words


Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

I wanna share one of the most horrific and saddening nights Derek and I have had since becoming parents.

I woke up at 11:30pm puking my guts up on Friday night. 401 more words