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Clementine Cake

Not only do we love oranges, we also love reading recipes, cooking, and spending time in the kitchen.

Here is a recipe by Nigella Lawson… 302 more words


The Rallies of Hate (In Vignettes)

(V is for Vignette)

The Rallies of Hate

V.1: Can you feel my heart?

Clemy can’t reach the countertop. I can’t too, but I drag a chair along the white marble tiles. 3,738 more words

The Sugar Fast Day 32: What’s Next

Well, it’s over. Yesterday was the last day of the sugar fast. I haven’t written about it in so long—almost two weeks, in fact—because I haven’t had anything new to say, really. 233 more words


Finger pushed through peel
Mist from a chilled clementine
In Florida sun

I am Hyde, the climber

You cannot see, but my parents say that I have fire in my eyes. I do not know what they mean by that, but I guess it is a good thing. 441 more words


winter citrus :: guide

Uhh, what’s the difference between a tangelo and a pomelo again?

Winter is sort of the worst for reasons that include–but are not limited to– shorter days, puffer jackets and face-planting on black ice.

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