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The Nine Circles of Hell

A preview of issue seven!

The Nine Circles of Hell

By Virginia Carraway Stark

The Nine Circles of Hell seem to come exclusively from Dante’s Inferno. 3,059 more words


The Paradox of Beauty

I read somewhere that Cleopatra who is considered one of the most beautiful queens of the past was in reality, ugly. It read that the Romans had perpetuated this lie since her success as ruler threatened them. 361 more words


Album Review - 'Cleopatra' by The Lumineers

There are loads of great albums out in the world. Super catchy ones and ones that you can play on repeat and never get bored of and ones that just seem so classic that they’ll always have a relevant place in the realm of music, like they’ll live forever in the hearts and the souls of their listeners. 967 more words


The Probable Volcano Problem of the Ptolemaic Kingdom

teBy Shelby Traynor

Collage by Alex Hanson

The fall of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in 30 BC was nothing if not dramatic: there was unrest and uprising in Egypt, the death of Queen Cleopatra VII, and the surge of the Roman Empire. 580 more words

The Lumineers: Cleopatra. A Letdown.

It was a long silence for The Lumineers, and I found myself (after perhaps 700-1,000 listens to “Flowers in Your Hair”–which is more the length of a ringtone than a song, my only real qualm with it, but then again I also see how there’s really nowhere else it can go besides where it’s already gone. 410 more words