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Cleopatra's Barge

Is empty, and queering at the bottom of the sea. Starfish

Are drawn, as if it were the sky they’d never known. Oars,

Quiescent at last from the last blades of toil, point… 113 more words


Every writer's rabbit hole.

Research, ah, research. If historical personages had not lived such fascinating lives and if writers did not write so fascinatingly about them, I would be far more productive. 118 more words


How Hollywood has Depicted Ancient Egypt Pt. 1

Filmmakers have had a fascination with Ancient Egypt since the medium’s infancy and it continues to this day. Just last month the reboot of The Mummy… 2,133 more words


The Magic Tree House~A Photo Story

Molly’s POV

“Molly, are we even allowed to be up here?”

I shrugged, “Probably not.  Last time I was up here at the tree house, I was trying to pet the birds, and I fell out.   1,209 more words

Quench This

Cleo Cola, the “Queen of Sparkling Drinks,” was introduced in 1935. This version of Cleopatra looks more Aztec princess than Egyptian queen. Here are a bottle and matchbook for your viewing pleasure.



Well Frankly When That Ocean...

Frank Ocean. His music is soulful, holistic, and emotion metabolic. One thing I believe that goes unnoticed is Frank’s references to social justice and the plight of Black people. 910 more words

The Ballad Of Cleopatra; REVIEW

Just when I gave up on music I came across this master piece. There is nothing as dedicated and pure as sound meant to give understanding. 518 more words