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Tullian Tchividjian: Further Accusations and Important Resources

My readers are no doubt aware that I have dedicated significant time to analyzing the many abuses of Tullian Tchividjian.  I have offered both analysis ( 797 more words

Scandal at the Vatican (New Video on the Legion of Christ)

Thanks to the initiative of the former Legionary, Xavier Leger, the Irish, RTE, English language dubbing of the original French documentary, is now available.

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Legion Of Christ

Doctor's secret past catches up with him

Michigan doctor Donn Ketcham didn’t have to admit to any of the allegations against him when he agreed in 2012 to permanently give up his license to practice. 306 more words


Crisis is my Life! autobiography/testimony of David L Sadler


Crisis is my Life

Autobiography of David L. Sadler        


To my loving family, my parent’s, Steve & Caty & my brother Marc & my best friend Joey who never gave up on me no matter what.  2,534 more words

Legion Of Christ

(video) Pope Francis, Legion of Christ, Opus Dei, Miles Jesu and Undue Influence inside the Catholic Church

Cult expert, Steven Hassan –Combating Mind Control author- interviews former Legionary of Christ, therapist, cult student and concerned Catholic; link: Paul Lennon

Legion Of Christ

[VIDEO WITH STEVEN HASSAN] --------- Compensation of Fr. Maciel's Victims and Troubling Aspects of Legion of Christ

Group of Legionary junior seminarians in Spain 1970-90 under the tutelage of                          then rector, Fr. Jose Antonio Barco, LC

Maciel’s victims were about this age when he began to sexually abuse them in the 1940s – 1960s….Maciel abused several Irish born seminarians in Salamanca and Rome during the 1960s and 1970s. 103 more words

Legion Of Christ

Why I Don't Need to See 'Spotlight'

With the news that Spotlight, a film about the Boston Globe investigative team who reported on clergy sex abuse in 2002, won the Oscar for Best Picture… 1,694 more words