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Journey Plan: House Fix


I’m not sure how to make keep this from being the most boring Journey Plan ever. I’m still journaling and formalizing my thoughts on this 2nd quarter/new season–which should tell you something because it’s half over. 650 more words

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The Daily Battle

Appendix C: Bonus Material!

Welcome to the fight!

This picture above is very different than anything else in the book “Primacy of God” or on my website. 365 more words

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The 1st Battle to Fight

Appendix B: Bonus Material!

Welcome to the fight!

You most likely landed on this essay after reading the e-book, “The Primacy of God.” Or you may have simply stumbled onto it from my website. 904 more words

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Journey Plan: Evening & Morning

Welcome to Spring!

I apologize in advance if this is an ugly Journey Plan. I’m drafting it out before I’ve finished journaling and formalizing my thoughts on this 2nd quarter/new season. 450 more words

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Humility: the Secret to Accelerated Learning.

True humility is standing at your full height before something greater than you…

Just do an internet search and you’ll find posts like, “50 ways to be humble,” or “7 ways to tell if you’re humble.” Is Humility really something we manufacture through practice?

684 more words
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About Journey Plans

(The goal of this post is to explain how I’ll be handling Journeys. Like weekly updates, quarterly course corrections,

What are Journeys?

The Goal of taking Journeys is to expose the wounds and agreements that act as constraints in our ability to behold the Glory and Abundance of God, be transformed by it, and share it with the world. 1,322 more words

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Personal Culture vs Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design gets a lot of attention these days, and it deserves a closer look. At long last, folks are attempting to put things like success, happiness, and wealth into personalized perspective. 1,630 more words

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