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Street art by Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham is a French artist living in Italy that has created a good set of Street Art Signs, some of them already shown in this blog. 55 more words


Clet wuz here

You may recall some of the street signs that had been re-worked by Clet, an artist in Florence. See, for example, this: street-art

I was in Florence a couple of days ago and soon saw a new offering from him. 21 more words


French artist Clet Abraham gives traffic signs in Florence, Italy a "new look."

While I was walking in Florence recently, I “did” notice the traffic signs had art on them and thought it was graffiti. Then a friend told me it was actually a French-born artist, Clet Abraham, who had been going around town placing stickers on traffic signs. 218 more words


Pacman: Street corner, Florence.

The thing about the work of Clet Abraham – he’s all over Florence – is that the juxtaposition between his road sign street art and the classical architecture of the city could not be more unexpected. 27 more words

Street Art

The Street Art of Cable Street

Cable Street is a street in my beloved London not overly known to the massives. It is not your busy Oxford Street, funky Brick Lane or your beautiful Primrose Hill and yet on this street as well as being home to a large stretch of the Cycle Super Highway it also harbours some very cool street art by the French artist Clet Abraham.   245 more words


Street art in Florence

So not a logical combination: authentic Florence and screaming Street art. But the street art in Florence is different: it is subtle, smoothly blends with the historical surroundings and gives you a wink into modern times without being disturbing. 302 more words

Signs of Florence

On a day trip to Florence, I was introduced to the work of Clet Abraham, a French street artist who changes regular street signs into interesting pieces. 32 more words