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The Hidden Meanings Inside Your Flight Number

Anyone who has ever taken a flight, international or domestic, knows that the number on your ticket is the key to everything. It tells you where to go, it helps you find your flight on the departures and arrivals board, and it is one of the main ways that you keep track of yourself and your luggage at the airport. 45 more words


Reasons Why Drones Will Not Fly as Solo Fighter Aces Any Time Soon

Visions of a war fought with robotic soldiers and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or a drone, has been for decades, deemed the fodder for science fiction lore. 98 more words


Feeling Tired After a Long Flight? Here's Why

People who fly will notice that once they land, they feel incredibly tired and lethargic. This happens even if the flight was long enough to have a nap. 122 more words


Stacy : Justin| Sandy Ridge Reservation| Cleveland Wedding Photographer

They say the third time’s a charm, right?!  Because we live in Ohio with its wonderful weather, we had to reschedule their session twice but I am so thankful we did.  238 more words


Taste & Explore: A Travel Guide to Cleveland, Ohio

Last week I traveled with my mother and daughter to Cleveland, Ohio. It was our first road trip of many together.  We were pretty excited to explore the great city of Cleveland. 2,655 more words


Overcoming Your Fear of Flying by Scott Beale

The fear of flying is relatively common, but it can prevent people from traveling to see the world or for business. Overcoming that fear takes some time and effort, but it opens up a huge number of opportunities. 41 more words


We Shouldn't Stop Gentrification, But We Can Make It Less Painful

This piece first appeared on Forbes.com.

Many cities, especially their downtown neighborhoods, are experiencing an urban revival. Young, college educated workers—many of them single—are moving to dense, walkable neighborhoods, drawn in by the variety of restaurants, shops, bars, and other places where they can socialize with friends. 1,087 more words