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Utter nonsense!

When you visit the Cedar Point amusement park’s website you will be told some amazing ‘facts.’

Cedar Point is the “roller coaster capital of the world,” (the self-proclaimed, you will be assured that “One day is not enough.” I have a feeling I know why! 221 more words

The Cat

The season opens on the glorious 4th

If you are really awful and like shooting things like almost all of the British royal family you probably can’t wait until October to bag a pair! 185 more words

The Cat

A very big meal!

The entire family in a stir fry? Wow! Er no thanks.

About the Author

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 167 more words

The Cat

A good screw

I travel a lot and discover a lot of things along the way. Travel broadens the mind they say, but I wonder if I am broad minded enough for this place? 195 more words

The Cat

Dear Shane

There is a man who works in a Walmart far, far away called Shane. Happily I have collected some of his Shanerisms and occasionally release them upon an unsuspecting audience. 301 more words

The Cat

The English version of the English language

Sadly you don’t need to look further than England to discover people beating the English language over the head with a baseball bat as they produce complete nonsense in print. 410 more words

The Cat

Poor delivery

Currently we are suffering from the same sort of service I imagine Fook Kit Transportation Ltd of Hong Kong provide.

Our delivery nightmares are currently being provided by PPL, a subsidiary of DHL. 459 more words

The Cat