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Rubbish Specs Dubai

Dubai is like an awful lot of places in the world that are unfortunate enough to have markets where you can buy any amount of dreadful crap, including Sham specs. 417 more words

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When something is not really good it’s…Nice!

And that’s all you can say about this subject.

Not the best post but um… ‘nice’ all the same. 347 more words

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Lost? And Found!

I have so many questions about this sign. The main one being why didn’t the Cat eat the fish? The next one being, is the fish still alive? 387 more words

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Christ - The truth!

So Christ is Swiss and I am “certina” of that! All the time I though her was a Nazarene!

About the Author

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

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The latest Chinese fashion

Usually the Chinese copy the west, but in all my travels I don’t recall one of these!

Until I saw this one of course. I was too shy to go in but I understand the range of err… um… let’s call it ‘merchandise’ was extensive! 347 more words

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More 'exotic' (is that the right word) meat

Marinated or unmarinated, I think I’ll pass on the ass, thank you all the same.

Who would have thought that chicken Ass was a South African delicacy? 349 more words

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Precarious Meat!

Now I am going to show my cultural ignorance and say I have no idea what “Precarious Meat” is.

Not only that but I am going to make matters worse by guessing that they only serve Precarious Meat in Riyadh. 347 more words

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