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Only in France

If you like Pork there’s a little restaurant in Nantes, France that you really have to go to, sadly it has one of the most unfortunate names I have ever come across and my have I seen a few! 386 more words

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Opening soon in Hammersmith

I honestly didn’t know that the Japanese translation of the London Borough Hammersmith was spelt like that!

About the Author

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

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Original cooking from Thailand

Cheap joke I know, but I couldn’t resist it could I? You understand dear cuddly reader don’t you, everyone should have a little of Poo’s cooking in their lives! 347 more words

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A charity who cares for everyone

This compassionate sign was on the shelf of an Oxfam Charity shop in Colchester, England, (charity shops are the ones that don’t pay any rent, tax or staff wages and put other shops in the high street out of business but still only manage to spend 75% of all of the funds donated to them each year on their charitable work). 367 more words

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Salmon that doesn't want to get dirty

No wonder the Salmon wanted to wear a smock, in amounts all of those messy ingredients an unsuspecting fish could get filthy.

About the Author… 344 more words

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Just in and worrying!

I just received this spam from JOHN WIGGINS at this address alvarezmoralesjq@outlook.com and laughed myself silly. See what you think dear cuddly reader!

“Hello)) Let me look into your heart. 443 more words

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The Japanese are tough!

Imagine how tough you have to be to have specially adapted glasses to cause “discomfort” when reading!


Tell you what I now understand why they Chinese only steal disputed islands off the coast of Japan and not ones that have Japanese sovereignty and frankly I don’t blame them! 410 more words

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