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Dull Scotland makes a friend

In ‘breaking news’ that of course is months out of date, I am happy to announce that the fair town of Dull in Perthshire, Scotland is to be paired forever with the equally unimpressively named town of Boring, Oregon. 680 more words

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Some of the best places to visit in Korea

The local office of the Korea Statistics Office in Pohang was amazing, I took loads of pictures of very confused looking workers as our tour party went through their building and bought a really nice stapler at the gift shop, I hope it was a gift shop, to be honest it looked more like a stationery cupboard, but they wouldn’t have one of those in a tourist attraction, would they? 708 more words

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Yum, yum

This is an Ice cream that won’t appeal to many of my dear cuddly readers, but for one feline who you know and love (don’t you!) it is the ‘Crabs claws,’ I was going to say ‘Bees Knees,’ but that doesn’t make sense and I wonder anyone would understand what on earth I was dribbling on about. 673 more words

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Always check with Manuel!

If you want to be safe then always check with Manuel!

He’s the one who knows all about lubricants you know!

Mind you don’t trust him on engine oil capacity, it’s 6.4 QTS Manuel and if you’d remember that we wouldn’t have had to put it on the sign, would we? 573 more words

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Broad appeal

No wonder they call it a “Smart Phone.” It has to be for the manufacturer Mattel to recommend it to be used for ages from “6 Months – 18 Years.” 634 more words

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A treat for all my Doggie friends

There is never enough space when one needs it is there?

Of course the headline of this blog should have read. “A treat for all my Doggie friends and something to make the rest of us heave! 701 more words

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There's good food and then there's great food

If you want great food in Birmingham follow Birmingham’s Food Map which will guide you to the best food around.

Well at least the last line is true, “great food is easy to find,” but just not in Birmingham! 573 more words

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