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Another can of the good stuff

Some of my more lucid readers may remember a few blogs back I featured the wonderfully named Shito and when this picture dropped into my in box I decided that I just had to use it in today’s blog. 546 more words

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Oh that's nice

We all know that it’s the meek who will inherit the Earth and who can argue with that? Well recently I discovered a sign that indicates that Sissy-boys are going to get their own homeland in Amsterdam which is nice. 347 more words

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An unusual number plate

What an unfortunate numberplate. As seen in Istanbul, Turkey. I suppose someone with more money than sense would want to buy it. They call those idiotic number plates ‘cherished’ don’t they, I tend to think that they show what sort of fool you are encountering on the road and act as a warning to avoid the pompous road user. 347 more words

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What an odd statement

So the obvious question is “what does Hui do?”

My answer! “offer a better rate!” Tee hee!

About the Author

The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 329 more words

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UK Election - The Children decide

The poor British public are about to decide who will misrule them for the next five years or less from frankly what is a bunch of total no hopers. 471 more words

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Oma's what?

Is it cheese? Is it paté? Is it pipe tobacco? No it is German of course!

Frankly I have no idea! But then I wouldn’t eat Oma’s Rotter in a month of Sundays, would you? 389 more words

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I like firefighters

On Monday firefighters were called to a house in Oregon City where heavy smoke was billowing out of all the windows and doors.

Happily the firefighters were able to extinguish the flames very quickly inside, but sadly discovered two unconscious Cats in the upstairs of the building. 591 more words

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