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French double Dutch!

Oh how nice! And they say that the French are a bunch of unhelpful, rude something or others!

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The Cat is one of the most successful feline authors in the history of Catkind. 455 more words

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Koreans are so nice

What a nice sentiment! I really enjoyed my time in Korea but it didn’t feature in my Travelogue, not enough room.

Mind you after 700 Korean beers I think I would say almost anything hic! 473 more words

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Compelling evidence that everything is pants in China!

Even though I have a deal to publish my first book, ‘Getting Out Excerpts from a Cat’s Diary,’ in China and there are so many people of less than medium stature there just waiting to buy several copies each (I hope), I just simply couldn’t resist sharing this picture with you dear cuddly readers! 679 more words

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Looking for an unusual date in Washington?

Ever thought of dating a Slug? If so then you are in luck you can pick one up at the end of the block!

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As the English language descends into a series of ever shorter grunts, yo’s and cools the good people of Portsmouth, Hampshire are fighting back, well sort of! 382 more words

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indescribable food from Indonesia

That’s rather worrying! Should one ask what’s wrong with the last bite if all of the others were “tasteful?”

I’ve have to say when researching my Travelogue I didn’t manage to get to Indonesia, and quite honestly I am rather glad about that if the food is like the above. 367 more words

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Obviously not very reliable!

I think that there is something wrong with these Scottish self closing gates, if they have to be kept shut.

Personally I wanted to leave them open but the people I was with weren’t brave enough to suffer any consequences and they call us Cats “Wussies!” 474 more words

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