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East of the Big Muddy

The colors of Autumn are more vibrant and more plentiful in mid-Missouri than they have been for some time. Rainfall at the right times and a slightly cooler summer have contributed to this phenomenon. 22 more words


New Friend

It is more likely than not we become friends with new clients, or the random people we meet while cameras are in our hands. Photographers making landscape photographs, while no less friendly than any other image-makers, are less likely to find a new friend while on an image quest. 278 more words


The Walters Family

This beautiful family has a lot of fun. We loved working with them, despite Mother Nature reminding us who controls the weather!Sisterly LoveRarely do we see such happy smiles throughout a photo session. 13 more words


Alex and Waylon

Last week we photographed Alex and Waylon near the Missouri River Bottoms. After a long drought, Missouri finally got some rain which “greened things up” nicely and made for a nice backdrop to photograph the couple. 138 more words


Sidewalk Pep-talk

As seen during our pre-dawn walk in the neighborhood. Because it is too hot to be outside any other time.  Brought a smile to our sleepy and grumpy selves during this 100+ degree weather trend. 8 more words


As Fresh As.......

As fresh as………

…the morning mist on tubeflowers.

…beads of moisture clinging to a vibrant geranium.

…a daisy.

Happy Sizzling Summer!

Stay cool by visiting clevercreekstudio.


Etch-A-Sketching Eagle Bluffs

Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area is a place where the parts are better than the whole, visually speaking. The framework is the same, but the picture changes each time we are there. 141 more words