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Maximizing the Potential of a Creative Mind

Here are a few ways to try to organize the messiness of the creative process:

  • Write things down
  • Know when to purge
  • Keep painting

Entrepreneurs are the sum of their endeavors and learn from experience. 7 more words


How to Build a Successful Startup and Keep It Afloat

The business world is in a constant state of evolution.

From fledgling startups to well-established ventures, companies today need to be ready to pivot as unpredictable markets could demand a shift in a business model. 69 more words


Fashion Thinking – 5 Ways To Innovate Your Business Strategy

This Fashion Thinking framework will unleash all kinds of ways to anticipate the new and remix the old.

If your goal is to be an organization that can fluidly and flexibly adapt to complex environments, then consider incorporating elements of Fashion Thinking. 525 more words


Join the CLEVER Movement!

Clever Talks is a conference for thinkers changing the world.

Founded in March 2014, Clever Talks has gained momentum throughout universities across America. Clever Talks provides innovative conferences for the public. 66 more words