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Week SIX: Another week, another fast day (diary)

There have been some bumps, and some good times, but generally ADF is going well.

It’s week six now, my jeans are hanging off me, I’m feeling better and healthier, and I have a looooooong way to go still! 443 more words


Visual Pythagoras

Remember the Theory of Pythagoras?  Here is a visual representation.

…and just in case there is Maths nerd lurking:


Cute keyholder

Very cute little key holder created with a tennis ball with a mouth cut into it, and two googley eyes stuck on.  Attach it to the wall with a suction cup which you can buy at the local hardware store, and have a friendly face to hold onto your key, a pen, notes or a cloth.


Much Ado About Something

I repent! In my subtle (or not so subtle) narcissism, I have rarely featured the writings of other worthy bloggers (note how the phrase “other worthy…” cleverly places me in their ranks). 159 more words


A Fortunate Mid-Afternoon Occurrence

Doom and gloom and depression
Downward spiral
Dark chasm of despair
Agony of painful memories
Suffering and sorrow
Burning pits of crushing anguish
The perdition of end times… 60 more words