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For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!” shouted Randall, his frustration with his mother rising.

“Oh, I suppose the dog ate the entire box of cookies and then put the empty package… 201 more words

Short Story

Oh, so you're watching t.v. now?!?!

Jernee doesn’t normally watch television. I’ll have it on for some background noise while I eat in the evenings & before I start reading, but tonight, the little monster is pretty enthralled by… 57 more words


Gravity Feed Campfire

Brilliant. If you need directions on how to make it, don’t even try.


Review; Non-caffeine Brain-boosting drink by IdrinQ.

IdrinQ® is a new generation drink.

With IdrinQ things that were challenging become simpler and everything seems clearer and more in focus. It is great for idea generation and creativity.

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