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I'm So Clever

Every time I quote myself or invite people to follow my blog I realize I’m still just that little kid on the playground shouting, “Mommy, look at me!” or “Daddy, watch what I can do!” 31 more words


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Still in production on my feature film. No time to be clever. But I used to be. Here's a snippet you might not have seen. Blessings till it hurts! Mitch

What is Intelligence to You?

More and more, I’m becoming disillusioned with the idea of being “clever”.

I have noticed this about myself recently as a person I’m close to is wont to saying, “So-and-so is so clever!” 218 more words

The Ford guy — The Blog of Bid

Tucson, Arizona Sky Bar on 4th Avenue. One man. We his audience. Magical descriptions of his 2016 Ford Fusion: Solid suspensions; Unreal stereo system; Smooth transmission controls; All that good stuff.

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Too Late

Summary:Okay, the film isn’t perfect. The acting in the first long shot leaves a bit to be desired. But once you settle in to the clever filmmaking,