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Question Time: Quick Ones

Question Time! Hooray, or something. These should be easy, but I’ve been wrong about that before. I’m so confident they are easy, though, that I’ve put more than one question in here. 64 more words


Manhole Spouts Fire

A punch in the stomach
And I bend down

I’m ripping up the carpet
Hoping to find tile underneath
Affection variable so push levers to eleven… 100 more words


Question Time: Your Own Best Friend

This one might be the hardest Question I’ve asked so far – not to answer, but to face and admit. Be careful with yourself!

If you had a friend who spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself, how long would you allow this person to be your friend? 51 more words


Disguising Myself As Myself, For Who Would Suspect

who said this idea was a good idea
because you brought a gun to a knife fight
and you’re killing yourself pinned to the ground… 263 more words


ArtColor Bike!

Featured as part of Milan Design Week, ArtColor Bike is an awesome project that combines creativity and machine into one cool concept.

Though the conventional mode of transportation has become more vehicle based, ArtColor Bike aims to redeem the beloved past-time of childhood..bike riding! 69 more words


Poem For The Whatevers

This is my line
To be serious for a bit
Sometimes it will rhyme
Sometimes it will smell like it doesn’t rhyme, and doesn’t even follow the basic rhythm of a poem, or some shit… 247 more words