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Android Debug Bridge (adb): Useful commands - Notes

  • Accessing an Android Device or Emulator […and getting  Shell access]
 adb devices -l 
 adb -e 
 adb -e shell 
 adb -d 
 adb -d shell 
 adb -s <device_serial_identifier> … 59 more words

[Vim] Tùy biến Vim với Vundle và Powerline

Giới thiệu

Vim là một text editor nổi tiếng, có mặt trên tất cả các hệ điều hành và phổ biến nhất là trên hệ Linux/Unix. 1,779 more words

Replace foswiki links with markdown links in vim

How to replace all foswiki syntax links with markdown syntax links in vim:



Create a new user on the MySQL CLI

CREATE USER 'newuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO 'newuser'@'localhost';

How to commit an optional extended description from command line (Git Bash) - 007

As you saw from previous posts, the UI on GitHub.com allows you to specify an optional extended message.

If you fill this optional extended description out, 162 more words

Git(Hub) Tip Of The Day 2017

Scripting AWS EBS Volume Snapshots

So then, let’s talk about the use case ..

  • I have a Linux node
  • On said node, I have attached and mounted some EBS volumes …
  • 354 more words

Vim: writing to read-only protected file

More than once I’ve opened file for edition, made my changes and tried saving to learn that it’s

A) read-only (Vim actually let’s you know as soon as you open it) 157 more words