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Reset Cisco ISE WebGUI/CLI Passwords

In Cisco ISE the WebGUI and CLI admin accounts/passwords are separate. In order to change the passwords you can use the following methods:

  • The CLI Admin password can be changed from the CLI by entering the command…
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Python command line interfaces: An overview of argparse.

Command-line or console applications are programs that are designed to be used via a text only interface such as the terminal. Command-line programs accept instructions or commands from their users in the form of flags or switches. 1,326 more words


Oh-my-zsh, Tmux, Vim

This time, I want to share my dotfiles of my new toys: zsh, tmux and vim at once. I’ve ¬†found out what’s tmux¬†actually, a couple of days ago by asking to a Telegram channel, … 358 more words


xfconf-query save and load from file

xfconf-query load from file


The wonderful xfce desktop environment provides a mechanism to inspect and modify your settings, similar to dconf. This tool is named xfconf-query, and it allows you to list and modify entries one at a time. 911 more words

Back In The Saddle Of A Horse Of A Different Color

I’ve been asked a few times in the past year if I missed being behind a CLI screen or I ever got a hankering to configure some networking gear. 948 more words

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dconf save and load from file

dconf save and load to file

GNOME-based desktops use a settings utility that is a little similar to the registry of a famous non-free operating system. 189 more words


Morning notes, October 03, 2017

I like Bluebottle’s coffee subscription service a lot. The web app is well done and having coffee magically appear in my mailbox means I have far fewer “awww heck we’re out of coffee until I go to a coffee shop” moments. 133 more words

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