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How-to display the Orthodox Easter date from CLI

I do most of my work in the CLI and some of the commands I use often are cal or ncal. Both commands will display a simple calendar, highlighting the current day. 81 more words



As a basic starter for my blog I have a few ideas for series I have started to work on and a few projects I have in mind to eventually dabble in. 206 more words

Ionic 2 CLI

Desde hace un tiempo quería empezar a escribir posts sobre Ionic ya que he empezado a utilizarlo y quería compartir un poco lo que he aprendido y obtener retroalimentación de otros sobre cómo hacer mejor las cosas o quizás algunos… 1,115 more words


Enable Disable Win10 Administrator Account

By Ed Tittel,

By default, Windows 10 includes a built-in admin account. In fact, it’s named “Administrator.” Here, I explain here how to enable disable Win10 Administrator account. 497 more words


Show cron jobs as an agenda

As a linux user I also use the cron daemon for controlling when to run tasks. Mostly I don’t interfere with the systems cron jobs, but add my own schedules tasks using the command… 132 more words


Windows Command line - CMD - fu : Notes

So i haven’t used the Windows Command (DOS) Prompt for many things until I realized that Android / Android Studio / Android SDK and the emulator (with the HAXM driver) work pretty well on Windows. 142 more words

Single-click install PageKicker *now*

Version 1.4.8 of PageKicker’s Algorithmic Publishing Toolkit makes the open source platform available via single-click install for the first time.

On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS:

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/fredzannarbor/pagekicker-community.gitcd pagekicker-community
./simple-install.sh… 122 more words