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You're Not a Software Engineer If You Hate Command Line

What makes a computer a computer is the fact that it computes and it stores information somewhere.  That’s it folks.  A computer that we are all familiar with is just a sophisticated version.  550 more words


Secure Shell (ssh)

One of the most commonly tool required for system administration, is often the ability to do a remote access. By remote access, it means the ability to connect to machine that may be geographically miles away. 1,032 more words


Spring Snow Camp

You might have noticed that things are a little light this week over here. I haven’t been reviewing and/or writing as much as usual. There are two reasons for that. 390 more words


تجربیات ابری - قسمت اول

سلام. بعضی مشکلات و نیازهایی رو که خودم در حین کار با اپن استک بهشون نیاز داشتم رو به صورت سوال جواب اینجا آوردم:

چطوری نام کاربری رو تعویض کنم (البته با تمام متعلقاتش)؟

CLI - sudo

The sudo command (substitute user do) allows a user to execute a command with the privileges and identity of another user. Many Linux systems and OS X come with sudo pre-configured allowing any user designated to be an administrative user to use the sudo command to execute commands with root authority. 81 more words


Fun with cli file transformation

I used the Wake County property tax page to get a list of all of the homes in our neighborhood. I pasted that into a spreadsheet. 259 more words


CLI 22 Animal Man #1-9 (1988)

Sean stops by and we talk some Animal Man of the Grant Morrison variety. We also spend a few minutes discussing the controversy over the cancelled Batgirl #41 variant. 41 more words

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