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Debugging PHP Command Line (with PHP Storm & XDebug)

At PHP North West I had huge difficulties configuring Xdebug and both my PHP and PHP Storm so they play nice in a CLI environment. So here, for others and almost certainly my future self, is how to do it. 457 more words


CentOS 6 - Securing the Server

Remove the need to use root, instead use sudo.

I find it easier to first time login as root through putty.

Create admin user name. 327 more words


CentOS 6 Minimal on Virtual Machine - VMware Tools

Installing CentOS-6.6-x86_64-minimal.iso on VMWare.
Anaconda installation routine.


Use Network configuration in the installation screen to bring the eth0 network interface to boot up.
Do not use installation with basic video driver. 74 more words


Move to first character on the command line

I am using CSH inside SCREEN on a PUTTY terminal. When I have to repeatedly enter similar commands, I tend to press the up arrow or use the shell history to bring up the command at the prompt. 87 more words


Installing the 3PAR CLI

The 3PAR CLI install is dead easy, here are the screen shots to walk you through it.¬† Before you begin you will need to download the 3PAR CLI from the… 154 more words


Decode ROT13 on Linux command line

To decode a string, pipe it to the tr like below

$ echo "Rkcybvg Fuvg" | tr '' ''
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