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Simple PHP development

PHP development on PC can be tiring and frustrating. Running PHP online is a much n more viable than using development environment such as WAMP / XAMP. 84 more words


How To Find Out All Remote Desktop Logon Sessions That Took Place On Windows Server 2012 R2

The first time I used these logs is when I was running an audit to figure out whether a specific user has recently accessed my server using Remote Desktop Connection. 326 more words

Little Tips

Create and Insert to Hive table example

Create table :

hive> CREATE TABLE students (name VARCHAR(64), age INT, gpa DECIMAL(3, 2));

Time taken: 1.084 seconds

List tables :

hive> show tables;

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What is the best way to handle command line arguments in Python?

The best way to handle command line arguments with Python is defopt. It works like magic. You write a function, add a proper docstring using any standard format (I use [ 61 more words


Red Marker: NuGet pack /?

Quoted from nuget’s CLI help, via nuget pack /?:

-Properties +         Provides the ability to specify a semicolon ";"
                      delimited list of properties when creating a package. 387 more words
Red Marker

package json bin field

We can define some executable js file in the bin section of the package json so that during installation, npm will symlink that file into  86 more words

First Day of the TechHire Program went more smoothly than I thought. Remember those days as a young kid entering the school for the first time as the new kid with your mind racing and palm sweating you just want to run home ? 395 more words