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Rename virtual disk filename

I tried rename a vmdk file, but i get information message, like this

You can solve this, when you are going to login to esxi by SSH, and follow this steps below. 59 more words


The Unix dd Command

The Unix dd Command is used to allow the conversion and copy of files from one place to another.  This is accomplished by a block-by-block copying process that allows exact file constructs to be maintained. 79 more words


First Steps: PHP for a command line tool

I finally tasted SSH! Whats so great about it you ask? SSH allows you to access your server’s command line and edit files fast with some editors like vi. 194 more words


Control Spotify from command line

Working on more than one computer requires some remote control and the command line is pretty elegant solution for me.

Example scripts are available at  28 more words


Control VLC playback from command line

Working on two computers requires some control from command line (CLI). Glad that VLC implemented command line control.

I just found a solution at http://stackoverflow.com/a/9047708/289404… 28 more words


[Bash Tricks]: Re-run a range of 'history' commands

Sometime we may want to run a range of commands which was run in the past (captured in ‘history‘ command). This can be achieved using ‘ 127 more words


Debugging PHP Command Line (with PHP Storm & XDebug)

At PHP North West I had huge difficulties configuring Xdebug and both my PHP and PHP Storm so they play nice in a CLI environment. So here, for others and almost certainly my future self, is how to do it. 457 more words