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samba-tool tutorial

# samba-tool group addmembers "VPN Users" johndoe
Added members to group VPN Users

# samba-tool group listmembers "VPN Users"

CLI, Directories, and Gob in Go

Building on my last post, Playing with Go (AKA golang), I’m going to hack a command line interface (CLI), do some directory parsing, and add some code to read back the note I serialized to a file using… 474 more words


Qik-n-EZ: Nagios Plugins to Check AWS EC2 Images and Snapshots

Afraid of having too many AWS EC2 images and/or snapshots, thus running up your bill ?? Fear not !! I have you covered:

Nagios Plugins to Check AWS EC2 Images… 7 more words


MacOS terminal cursor navigation with a mouse

File this under ‘I can’t believe I didn’t know this sooner’.

Ever had to edit a long command in a terminal window? Certainly you can set things up so you can jump back and forward using the keyboard. 33 more words


org.apache.kafka.common.errors.GroupAuthorizationException: Not authorized to access group: XXX

The other day my team ran into below issue. I did debugging to help them resolve this. The error was straight forward, issue with Authorization ie ACL (Access Control List) are not correctly setup. 311 more words


Azure CLI 2.0: Quickly Start / Stop ALL VMs

You can easily Start and Stop Virtual Machines (VMs) through the Azure Portal. Previously, I’ve written about the importance of Stopping unused VMs to save money and place them in a “Stopped (Deallocated)” state. 1,252 more words


The appeal of static content website generators like Hexo

Static website generators are a new way of managing your website. A tad nerdy, a tad complex. Certainly with a very unique touch. Here is a little site I created using Hexo – more on Hexo later: … 811 more words