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Not That Anybody Else Was Looking

I was going to to revise and republish a few posts from my old blog, but it seems that I have unwittingly delted them permently.  The moral is either 1) read your user agreement carefully, or 2) it’s better having your trash hauled away than cluttering your blog. 14 more words

The Junk Drawer Of My Mind

A Duel Upon the Razor's Edge: Some Problems With Good Guys

Think about any book you’ve ever read that featured a protagonist you might call “hero.” They may not be swept up in the dragon bothering, dungeon defiling antics of a high fantasy romp or heading up the clash between rival starfleets, but they’re the ones who give events their shape (or around whom the plot centers, as the case may be). 2,183 more words


Cliche And A Half

How do you make an annoying SF cliche term even worse? You push it a notch further in the same direction. Case in point:

Traveling ———>> Globetrotting… 6 more words


The Art of Violence

Next month I’ll be at Arisia in Boston for my second year selling books, but I’ll also participate in a panel entitled, Writing Swordfights, Knives, and Hand-to-Hand Combat… 1,476 more words

Writing Process

When Evil Characters Switch Sides

“Yin Yang”. Photo by Hartwig HKD (Creative Commons CC BY-ND 2.0)

I haven’t been blogging for a few weeks – I put everything on hold because I was visiting family and wanted to make the most of that time, since I don’t get to see them often (they are on the other side of the world!). 833 more words


Things will happen . . .

Things will happen, your time will come, just you wait and see. All the cliche responses I get when I get a little frustrated by the lack of romance or women in my life. 641 more words


Cliche Sunday

Or maybe Cliche Tuesday? I had a busy weekend, capped off by an afternoon of shopping and gazing at Christmas lights with my husband on Sunday. 373 more words

Cliche Sunday