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Blog - Eva's Byte #119: The Pigeonhole

One Indie author among many who promotes in public forums, I strive for unique engaging ads with potential to garner clicks on my universal Amazon book link. 292 more words

Eva Pasco


Ephesians 5:6 NIV [6] Let no one deceive you with empty words…

Sometimes, Christians hide behind empty clichés which when examined carefully, may not really make sense and in some contexts may be actually offensive. 79 more words

Daily Devotion


life is grey. grey grey grey.  there really is no black or white.

you cant save someone from her/himself.

think before you speak (type or text, now included). 284 more words


Uncharted Territory: Things I Rarely See in Fantasy

Uncharted Territory (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Because I write and think about fantasy fiction quite a bit (as the title of this blog might suggest), I occasionally notice interesting spots of “uncharted territory” in the stories I read and watch – i.e. 227 more words


#357: An explanation for why we have trouble reading academic journals and jargon-dominating texts

“The problem is that as we become proficient at our job or hobby we come to use these catchwords so often that they flow out of our fingers automatically, and we forget that our readers may not be members of the clubhouse in which we learned them.”

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Your Thoughts My Thoughts

Just worry about today...

Whoever said, “Life isn’t easy,” was telling the truth. It seems like every day there is something new. The whole idea of something new isn’t inherently bad, but lately that is how it has felt for me. 493 more words


Typing Assignment #5

They say this is a cliche, but why is that? My friend Joe Van Cleave challenges you to prove otherwise in his series of typing videos, … 6 more words