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First one !

Hi everybody ! We hope you will enjoy this picture !

In fact, the first cliché is right here sent by FranceCanadaDTP ! We chose the best picture of everything that concern the world of snow, and right there, some snow, some sun, friends, and a lot of fun can resume easily this beautiful picture ! 9 more words

Bromides Deconstructed Pt 3

10 for the price of 1; freestyle; without a net.

“Actions speak louder than words.” Really what if I am walking on feathers in socks. try to hear that you pompous ass. 656 more words


Things i'm sick of: German Christmas Markets are the wurst

My love of German Christmas Markets is over.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m no ‘Scrooge’.  At first they were pretty fun.  The whole idea of bringing all the fun of a German market at Christmas was a fun novelty, but like all novelties it wears off pretty fast.   615 more words


Picking Up Pennies in Front of a Steamroller

Below is a very sad tale from a newbie trader who didn’t understand that taking asymmetric risk can be fatal.   The trader shorted a $2.00 stock thinking it was going to go to zero, but then a news release was put out saying a group of influential investors had taken a position in the stock and the stock immediately zoomed up 600% in the after hours market. 649 more words


3.5 Photographs from text

“Choose a text that has meaning for you… Try to generate visual ideas hat communicate something about the text… How would you turn that text into a photograph or a series of photographs?..

606 more words
Part 3

How to save a life

Small music on my mind

Brings me to you

In a haze of humiliation and bemusement

I remember those drowning days

Of pained misery

Here I am, standing the way I am supposed to be, stilled and silent… 128 more words