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Likes, Laughs and Lessons

Like a toddler lowering his tiny foot into the pool and feeling a tickling sensation, this is my first go, my beginner’s trial into the blogging universe. 732 more words


Filler clichés

What’s worse than a cliché? A cliché that doesn’t tell you anything.

If someone writes, “He walked through the room as quiet as a mouse,” at least I’ve learned something that I would not have learned if the sentence had read, “He walked through the room.” I learn that he did it quietly. 276 more words

Saved By The Bell - Part 1

Report #3- Shout out to follower, B. Barton for this weeks’ phrase. “Saved By the Bell” is actually a pretty commonly used expression. We all can remember thinking it when we were next to be called on in class when suddenly the bell rang for dismissal just in time. 336 more words

Report Posts

Identifying Romance in Stories

Bloke Landson
Hopefully by now you’ve started on your story and can move on to the little details. Details like the motivations, desires, and needs… 718 more words


A picture is worth...

a thousand words or in this case many cliches.  See image below by John Atkinson, Wrong Hands1.wordpress.com.  He has some great illustrations which perfectly explain things vividly in one image – have a look.   35 more words

Training Tips And General Info

As The Crow Flies

Avoid clichés is good advice for writers, but I thought it would be fun to create a poem of only clichés. It was fun!

I’ll air my dirty laundry… 165 more words