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YA Book Tropes I LOVE // ft. me exposing myself for the true sap I am

Hello, people of the internet!

I’m a huge sap. (Shocker!!) Side effects of being a sap: there are some cliches or tropes that I will see in books over and over again, but… 1,293 more words


The Cliche Book Tag

I was tagged by Andie over at Andreas Nirvana and I love a good cliche so here are my answers for the Cliche Book Tag. It looks like the tag originates at… 576 more words


Regular Poem: Memo

To: You, a Person I Hardly Know Yet Delight in

From: Me, a Person Who Is Bad at Things

CC: The Part of My Brain That Weighs the Costs and Benefits of Social Interactions and Analyzes Hasty Decisions about Same Later When the Exciting but Stupifying Rush of Having a Stimulating Conversation Has Dissipated… 278 more words

Poetry (Loosely)

Lessons Learned Travelling - a Short Introduction

Hello there fellow reader, current or future traveller and thank you for reading my first post on this blog. 

Just to tell you a bit about myself, I have been travelling the world for the past 10 years now and I thought it would be time to share the lessons I have learned throughout my trips and what better way than through a blog. 511 more words


Cool Online Writing Tool: Cliche Finder

Hey folks, just wanted to put out a quick post on something awesome I found. There’s a site called cliché finder which points out common clichés in your writing. 315 more words


Everything has been Done Before

What is so bad about a cliché?

I see the comment sometimes in critiques — “This is a cliché.”  Some people say it so much that pointing out a cliché has become a cliché.  249 more words


Upgrading 2 blogger 🤔 ...

Well, here I am attempting to start over, as I accidentally deleted everything I wrote just a second ago….

As I was saying, I thought I’d try blogging since I’m looking for me. 233 more words