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It Is What It Is

Whether talking to a reporter or delivering a presentation, colorful language is recommended (no, not the kind of colorful language George Carlin used to describe the seven magic words). 303 more words


Cliches Sunday

Tis a rainy day out there, and our afternoon was interrupted by tree coming down on the Cover-it we call a hay barn. I pretty much didn’t do anything–other than clean up the tree remnants and fix the horse line that came down in the blinding rain–at all today. 846 more words

Cliche Sunday

The Duff.

Hi y’all.

Today was a wonderful day. I didn’t sleep much yesterday night. I spent it reading a book called ‘The Duff’ by Kody Keplinger. … 131 more words


10 Things I Hate About You

Romantic Comedies, otherwise known as Rom-Coms.

These are one of the only things with which I have a simultaneous love-hate relationship. Naturally, I’m not going to talk about why I love them so much… because really, I hate them. 1,898 more words

Pointless Remarks

Flash Fiction #54

PHOTO PROMPT – © Kent Bonham


He felt weak and empty.  He was hungry again.  He needed some nice warm, rich fluids to sustain him. 126 more words


The opposite of everything

Cliche watch:

“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference,” Elie Wiesel is supposed to have said. Wiesel’s a better writer than I’ll ever be, and he’s suffered from more hate than I ever have, but this line is not quite on the mark. 78 more words