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Cliche Sunday......

……..will return next weekend. I would love to say it is due to the holiday weekend, but in reality is because I have had the last three days off and I have been working my butt off outdoors and I am… 59 more words

Cliche Sunday

The Alphabeticity of Nations

Dear Representative Pelosi:

My wife and I are stalwart Democrats seeking advice.  We are planning an elaborate summer tour of several nations, some of them transatlantic, and we would like to know the correct order in which we should visit those nations.  167 more words

Civilizational Twilight

The Day Before

Tomorrow, here in The United States, we acknowledge and remember those that have died for our freedom and I will demonstrate the appropriate  reverence.

For good or bad, this weekend is also the unofficial start of summer (for folks that don’t live in the Southeast, where Summer starts with conclusion of The Masters Tournament.) 185 more words

Opinion: "The Raid" (2011)

The Raid is a simple story about a SWAT team that has been sent out to take down the infamous criminal Toma, who’s the owner of an apartment building filled with thugs. 774 more words


Cliche Sunday

And, on to the V’s! Of course, V is a bit rare, so it will be interesting to see just how many clichés can be found starting V. 406 more words

Cliche Sunday

The Heartbreaker

Milton Spilk was an Extreme Romantic Hero. His hair was so black it had actually turned into a black hole and sucked out his brain, his eyes were so intensely electric blue they burned holes in everything they looked at, his jaw was so chiselled it could cut steel at twenty paces and his chin was so huge he had to wheel it about in a shopping cart. 286 more words


A Word About Mechanics

I’m talking about writing mechanics, not the folks who keep our cars running. (That’s a whole different breed of magic about which I’m not qualified to comment.) 981 more words