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Frisch aus St.Gallen - Topnews: Regierungsrat Klöti entsorgt St.Galler Clichés

Dieser Artikel bringt es genau auf den Punkt.

Bratwurst, Olma, brötige Menschen: Es gibt viele Clichés über den Kanton St.Gallen und seine Bewohner. Regierungsrat Martin Klöti räumt nun damit auf – das erste Mal am kommenden Montag in Rorschach. 331 more words

St.Gallen: Politik

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but his actions lie louder than his words.



The inspiration for this article comes directly from a spy thriller I finished not long ago. I had a lot of fun reading this story. However, the author dangled the carrot, repeatedly, which was the entire premise of the book, for over three quarters of the story. 516 more words


Updates & reflections

After a long, unplanned absence, I am finally back to writing. I am in a place where I find myself being very reflective and introspective again. 699 more words

Halloween Week Day 1 - Part 2: Top 5 most annoying horror movie clichés

1. The jump-scare

In older horror movies, jump-scares are not that annoying; most of the time, they are put to good use, whether the scare is a real one or not, and there is not one every 10 minutes or so. 454 more words


Is "Double Down" the new cliche of the year?

What is going on?  Are we on a blackjack binge?

When I think of a double down, I envision of 5 and 6 at the Blackjack table, putting up double the original bet, and getting one card to hopefully make a 21.   554 more words


Cliche Sunday

In the spirit of Fall chaos, with leaves and branches blowing every which way, I have decided on  pot luck today. We may have up to 40 MPH winds this afternoon, so leaves and branches may not be the things blowing around out there. 513 more words

Cliche Sunday