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Dhaka Thoughts: Cliche.

& just when, things fall in place
Things fall apart.

How high to jump, or if at all? Is there energy left? All these different cliches. 424 more words


Welcome to our World

I wrote this a long time ago. Christmas of 2010, to be exact. This was my first attempt at taking myself seriously as a writer. I still love it and have always wanted to share it on my blog. 751 more words


What is, what was, and what we see

Moments that are small and simple stick with me first and foremost. Like the way a hand feels upon a back during a goodbye or welcome hug from a person with sincerity. 712 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

At least, But, However

Are words/phrases that need to be banned from all languages.

I was with a friend last night who is going through a hard time, and she was telling me some of the things people have said in an effort to “comfort” her. 270 more words

Infant Loss


See what I did there?

SO. MUCH. CLEVERNESS. I can’t even!

*Insert VERY AMUSING GIF here*


Am I giving you ALL THE FEELS yet? 1,176 more words


Glass half full

The worst thing about clichés is that they often restrict thought about the clichéd object in question to only one of its facets – the other sides of it tragically go forsaken. 319 more words

Self Expression

Cliches Are Like Bones

There’s a lot of debate among the writing community over the use of cliches. And it’s true that some things immediately jump out to us as overused and trite. 322 more words

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