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Because we Can and that's Why!!! (or...if you rather... The PirateMTL.com Mission Statement)

In our first month’s issuing of articles, there was this one personal piece, you may even have read it, that told a story of a guy getting tossed around by teenage life’s newest set of questions. 1,418 more words


House Hearty

As if by design

All the doors close

By themselves where no

Hands are in sight.

First time staring at

Stage lights; not simple

But quite far from… 113 more words


March 6th

There’s a reason clichés exist (and I’m starting this post in this way because I’m afraid I’m about to use one). Clichés, from what I can see, at least, are ideas or experiences or little pearls of wisdom that are so true and so agreeable among a large collection of people that their use is populated to the point of being “common”. 800 more words

Year Abroad

Rhetorical Questions #18

Q: Can a bird in the hand be worth more than two in the bush?

A: Three’s company…too


Archetypes: The Ups and Downs

As a reader and a writer, archetypes and tropes are things that I like a lot. I recognize them frequently in the fiction I take in and incorporate them into my own writing too. 1,077 more words


#82225032014 (I Didn't Write About You.)

“Love with every stranger / The stranger the better
Would things be easier if there was a right way / Honey, there is no right way.”

437 more words

The perfect day (shallow edition)

Hopefully we all have different tastes, passions or dreams. For instance, I certainly do not get why people find Kim Kardashian attractive but that is another subject. 391 more words