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I've Written Miles of Line With an Ink Pen and Slashed a Sword Through the Air...For me The Jury's Still Out

Don’t ya just love cliché’s? There’s one in particular I’ve heard most of my life, and that is: the pen is mightier than the sword. I know what Edward Bulwer-Lytton was trying to say in 1839, and it certainly rings true, but when I attempt to embrace it, try as I might, I cannot. 153 more words

On Writing

Cliches, Why Avoid Them?

Hey Everyone!

Today and yesterday’s post go hand and hand with each other, and I just got to say… I LOVE Travel Clichés. No joke. they are just somethings that never get old and deserve to be redone. 376 more words


Eight Things that Newbie Fiction Writers Get Wrong

I’ve lost count of the number of the people who’ve told me they’re writing a novel. I’ve also met more than my share of successful novelists. 688 more words


6 New Year's Social Media Clichs We're Already Tired Of

While the holiday season brings us cheer, it also brings with it a whole slew of not-so-good things. Storesare crowded. Your bank accountisdrained. Distant family members (like your casually racist Uncle Cal) start popping up out of the woodwork and, in addition, social media becomes almost

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Nine Words or Less, The Unabridged Version 

Man, there are just times in life when I read a Christian cliché and I’ll just sit there and think, “We actually feed ourselves this?” I read one today and it just made me angry: God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. 1,455 more words