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What is, What was, and What we see

Scarlett Johansen by Patrick Demarchelier

by Taryn Heon

Moments that are small and simple stick with me first and foremost. Like the way a hand feels upon a back during a goodbye or welcome hug from a person with sincerity. 831 more words

Poetry of the Dangerous Classes

After striking the cranium the bullet was moving at 900 feet per second, a pathetically sluggish, glacial pace compared to the synaptic lighting that flashed around it.

912 more words

Why Gods Are Usually Better Left Off-Stage in Fantasy

Depiction of God on 19th Century French Postcard. Photo by Ted Van Pelt (CC BY 2.0)

Call me old fashioned, but a God in fiction should have god-like powers. 886 more words


Otherwise Occupied

Yuppies, maybe? Wealthy types, anyway. Definitely bourgeois. That’s one thing that’s an absolute certainty.

They might be a family; working dad, in his 40’s or 50’s, away a lot of the time because his job makes a lot of demands on his time…stay-at-home mum, or perhaps one who works part-time, from home even…couple of kids, three at most, the eldest 15, the youngest a newborn. 168 more words

Short Stories

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but if someone wants to have it all, what happens if everything comes at him at once?


Nasty habits

I’ve discovered one nasty habit in my current draft. I find I write things like: he “started to” walk, he “started to” jog, or he “began to” stroll. 137 more words

Cliche Sunday...

….has returned. Were you wondering if I forgot last Sunday? I didn’t but with the time change and all the work I did around the house (which resulted in me icing my knee as I may overdone just a bit), I was in no shape to write a post. 602 more words

Cliche Sunday